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Product Code: AQUAL-PARENT-21

Aqualisa Hydramax Thermostatic - Concealed With Flexi Head Shower Spares

Aqualisa Aqualisa Hydramax Thermostatic - Concealed With Flexi Head Shower Spares
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    Part Number Description      
n/a AQUAL-022801 Aqualisa Thermostatic Cartridge Grey (gravity Or Pumped) Gasket Included 022801 £86.26 +
n/a AQUAL-022803 Aqualisa High Pressure Cartridge - Comes With Gasket 022803 £86.26 +
n/a AQUAL-022804 Aqualisa Manual Cartridge (blue) - Comes With Gasket 022804 £62.44 +
n/a AQUAL-235001 Aqualisa On/off Knob Assy. Chrome 235001 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235002 Aqualisa On/off Knob Assy. White 235002 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235004 Aqualisa Temp Lever Manual 235004 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235005 Aqualisa Shroud Built-in Chrome 235005 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235006 Aqualisa Shroud Built-in White 235006 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235007 Aqualisa Wallplate Assy Chrome 235007 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235008 Aqualisa Wallplate Assy White 235008 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235009 Aqualisa Shroud 5eal 235009 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235015 Aqualisa Walloutlet 15 Mm Chrome 235015 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235016 Aqualisa Walloutlet 1 5 Mm White 235016 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235019 Hydramax Steel Hose - Chrome (1.25m) Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235031 Aqualisa On/off Knob Insert Sat/cp 235031 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235035 Aqualisa 15mm Gripper Ring (each) 235035 £6.50 +
n/a AQUAL-235036 Aqualisa Built In Flexi Screwpack 235036 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235039 Aqualisa Valve Body Assy. 235039 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-235041 NOW USE GNS-235041 - Aqualisa Inlet Elbow Assy (built In) 235041 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-241203 Aqualisa Multimode Handset Chrome 241203 £47.57 +
n/a AQUAL-298602 Aqualisa Slimline Kit Pack Chrome 298602 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-298603 Aqualisa Stainless Steel Rail 22mm Chrome 298603 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-299401 Aqualisa Clear Soapdish & Adaptor 299401 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-417701 Aqualisa Slimline Kit Pack White 417701 Discontinued
n/a AQUAL-417702 Aqualisa Multimode Handset White 417702 Discontinued
n/a GNS-235003 Temperature Lever 235003 Discontinued
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