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Thermostat? 1 Answer


Submitted 459 days ago | by Jackie , Unknown
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A: First check that the head and hose are clear. If so then it may not be the shower but the boiler if it is of a combi.

To check whether you have a boiler or shower fault.

Turn the shower on as usual, try and get a hold of the pipe going to the shower, if you can’t get to the pipe at the shower you may be able to get to it as it leaves the boiler.

What ever the temperature is on/in this pipe, the shower can never get any hotter than that (So if the temperature is cool then something then at the boiler is not allowing the water to heat up enough)

The other fault is wide variations in the temperature of the water leaving the boiler.

A thermostatic shower valve should be able to even out small variations in temperature however if you have large variations then you have a boiler fault.

Answered 459 days ago | Barrie
Mira element exposed 1 Answer

Q: Hi

My mira element was leaking so i replaced the seals as suggested in the manual. It still leaked so i replaced the cartridge again as suggested in the manual. However it is still leaking whats the next step?



Submitted 1139 days ago | by mac3847, Salisbury
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It may be that the control lever is slightly out of position , try removing it when in off position turning it slightly anti clockwise refitting and checking if the leak stops.
A: If not then it may be a faulty cartridge which should be under g`tee if fitted less than i year ago.Answered 1139 days ago | Alastair
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