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Mira sport 8.5 1 Answer

Q: Hi , shower will work ok, then low pressure light comes on and looses heat, sometimes if you turn the shower off and on again it will work ok, other times continues to show low pressure and you loose the heat; have checked inlet filter, shower head and water flow and all seem to be ok,is it a faulty pressure switch/thermal switch. thanks Alan, Manchester

Submitted 379 days ago | by Al, Manchester M31 4PL
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A: The things to check firstare:

1 That the main valve cominginto your house is fully open.

2 Then check that the valve on the line to the shower isfully open.

If these valvesare not fully open then there may not be enough water getting to your shower to cool it properly the overheatsafety device will turn the power offuntil it cools Then it all starts again

Make sure that the shower head isclean and clear, that the hose isn’t kinked (this can happen just behind thehand set where it is difficult to see) also check the inside of the hosealthough it can look OK on the outside it could have collapsed internally

The other possibility is a faultyflow/stabilizer valve not allowing the correct amount of water into the shower.

A rough check is to remove theshower head turn temperature control to fully hot the water coming out of thehose should be a bit more than a dribble then turn to fully cold and it shouldbe coming out at full flow.

Ifthere is not much difference between the two then you could have a faulty flowvalve.

Carry out this checkafter you check the inlet valves.

Answered 379 days ago | Barrie
Mira Sport 9.5 TCO - Thermal Switch Required 2 Answers

Q: what switch do i need, the markings on the old one are as follows.,thanks.

319822 T.O.D. 60TF114 64151420 L48C L75C


Submitted 1073 days ago | by baz, sheffield
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It really depends on what model of 9.5kw Mira sport you currently have. you will find all the different models of Mira sports and spares diagrams via this link provided to our website -  A:

You can then order the TCO online or by calling our office via the contact us page on our website.

Answered 1072 days ago | LC
The switches shown on our drawings are the current correct parts for that particular unit.
The problem is you mention that your shower is a 9.5kw but don't mention which model.

Answered 1072 days ago | The doc
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