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Duraspeed Pump not starting 1 Answer

Q: I have a duraspeed pump pumping 2 showers and it has wordked fine for a few years. However suddenly it is not starting when the water flows. It will start if I give the pump a significant jolt. Can ypou tell me if the pump is on it' way out or if I can service it in some way and where I should look for the problem. We do live in a hard water area.

Submitted 290 days ago | by stan, Swindon
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A: Sounds like it is the beginning of the end for the pump theyare not really suitable for repairing probably best just to swap it over for anew one it will take about ½ an hour and you will have a new two yearguarantee.

You could think about this

It is a less powerful but cheaper option

Answered 290 days ago | The Doc
Cold water flow 1 Answer

Q: I keep experiencing a drop in the cold water flow. When put on cold the flow will decrease quickly and of of course upset the temperature balance when hot is also running. When the shower is on I can hear a noise like air in the pipes if I am downstairs. All other cold water devices in the house are fine. Could this be a pump problem such as the impeller

Thank you

Submitted 596 days ago | by Gaggsy, Yeovil
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A: From your description it could be air, however in the first instance check that the inlet filters are clean and clear.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem then disconnect the inlet pipes and put them into a pail and turn the water on this should draw out any air in the system.

If it is the pump that is at fault then you are probably best just to replace the pump, it will take less than an hour and you will have a new guarantee.


Answered 596 days ago | The Doc
Pump Hums 1 Answer

Q: Hi,

When the shower is turned on, there is only a trickle of water coming out, and the pump just hums like it is stuck. Does this sound repareable?

Submitted 600 days ago | by Anonymous, Dover
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A: It sounds like your pump is seized, time for a new one.Answered 597 days ago | Barrie
duraspeed pump 1 Answer

Q: pump cuts out after a few minutes,when power is shut off at mains it seems to work for a few minutes then cuts out.

Submitted 606 days ago | by Valdez, west london
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It would appear that you have a fault with the PCB. There are two types available for this pump.
A: 605 days ago | Barrie


Submitted 775 days ago | by BESTSPARKS, TELFORD TF7 4LS
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These parts are no longer available separately from the manufacturer, you will need to buy part 8 on the diagram depending on the type of pump that you have.
A: 773 days ago | Barrie
Wont always pump the hot water 1 Answer

Q: If my water is hot, the pump seems to strugle pumping it through to the shower and i have to keep turning the shower off and on until it primes the pump. Is there a temp limit the pump can handle or is there a fault?

Submitted 800 days ago | by tim, bristol
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A: Firstadvice is to make sure that the inlet filters on the pump and showervalve areclean and clear.

Thewater temperature should not be above 60°C if the temperature gets above 65°then you can get aeration in the pump (The pump chamber will fill with air dueto the action of the pump) if the pump housing fills with air then it can’t pumpwater.

Answered 799 days ago | The Doc
pump shutting down unexpectedly 1 Answer

Q: I have had a 1.5 bar "Duraspeed Hi-performance" shower pump serial no. 013048 in constant domestic use for 8 years. There has never been a problem with it. Now it has started to shut down after approx 5 minutes running. It will restart after a period of time.

1). Does this pump have a time limit on its length of use?

2). Would a replacement control unit ( 8 ) NEWT-SP-088-1111 resolve this problem ?

3). I have had to purchase a different manufacturers brand as I was told that the model I had was no longer in production, is this the case ?

Mr. David Page

Submitted 815 days ago | by Anonymous, Plymouth
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A: These pumps are good value for money pumps with a normal lifespan of around 5>6 years. (2 years to 12 years is not unheard of)


These pumps are difficult to work on and unless you can be sureyou have correctly ID the faulty part they can cost more to repair than toreplace.


The pumps are still available but have been rebadged as Bristan Hydropower

Answered 814 days ago | The doc
NEW TEAM DURASPEED leaking 1 Answer

Q: I have a leak on my shower pump. What could be the cause of it?

Submitted 858 days ago | by Al, sunderland
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A: I could write a short book!!!!!


Old age

Poor installation, would be the most common.

Answered 857 days ago | The doc
pump does not shut off 1 Answer

Q: is there a sensor that can be changed to make the pump shut off when the water is turned off?

Submitted 872 days ago | by mick, cambridge uk
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A: Sorry for the delay in replying

The pump should shut off when the water is turned off

The things that will keep it running are

Water still passing through the pump

Sticking flow sensors

Faulty flow sensors

OR a faulty PCB

Answered 864 days ago | The doc
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