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NewTeam Seal Kit (mixing Valve) SP-320-0106

Item Number:  NEWT-SP-320-0106

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Seal kit for Showerforce Regal 1 Answer

Q: Hi,

This seal kit doesn't seem to be available anymore. Is there a suitable replacement ? I have a Showerforce Regal.

Many thanks, Antje

Submitted 174 days ago | by Anonymous, East Sussex
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A: If itsays obsolete ,or no longer available then it is obsolete and cannot besourced. If there is no note or link on the page to another part, then there isno alternative that we know of.

Answered 173 days ago | The Doc
new team seal kit sp-320-0106 1 Answer

Q: Following on from your replies to my questions on my leaking shower I ordered (and received) the seal kit.

Reading the instructions it states that the seals should be lubricated with the silicon grease supplied - no grease was included, I have since purchased a tube.

The instructions say that the rest of the grease should be applied to the 'seal face of the register plate around the register slots'

Q -which part of the unit is the REGISTER PLATE AND WHAT ARE THE REGISTER SLOTS?

Thanks for your original answers and I now look forward to fitting the new seals and being able to use the unit again

Thanks again


Submitted 278 days ago | by gerry, york
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The back of this item and the slots are what is mentioned as "the register plate around the register slots"Answered 278 days ago | Barrie
Showerforce Shower Unit 1 Answer

Q: Thanks for your excellent answer earlier reference above!

The unit is leaking from the bottom of the cover.

Is it safe to continue using until I can sort out the problem?


Submitted 298 days ago | by prime, Yo30 4UE
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A: It maybe better to check where the leak is from before continuing to use the shower.Answered 298 days ago | Barrie





Submitted 298 days ago | by prime, yo30 4ue
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A: This shower does not heat the water, as it is fed by a hot and a cold supply. It does not have a power rating for the same reason.  You will have to check where abouts inside the leak is coming from to see if it can be fixed.Answered 298 days ago | Barrie
showerforce mirage 1 Answer

Q: hi, can you confirm if the seal kit is suitable for the above

many thanks

Submitted 359 days ago | by fil, uk
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A: Yes the seal kit will fit however be very careful whenremoving the magnet and reed switch assembly as if you damage them there noreplacements available

Answered 359 days ago | The Doc
mistral showerforce 1 Answer

Q: Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. I am sending a picture of my model which is mains fed. Can you tell me if the repair kit is suitable for this model. many thanks, Keith

Submitted 417 days ago | by gaffer, lowestoft
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These are the only parts left for this shower encluding the seal kit.Answered 416 days ago | Barrie
stock avaliability 1 Answer

Q: hi im after the seal kit, do you have stock please. NewTeam Seal Kit (mixing Valve) SP-320-0106

Submitted 530 days ago | by simon, plymouth, devon
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We have them in stock.Answered 530 days ago | Barrie
showerforce1000xm leaking 1 Answer

Q: with the front cover removed the unit facing you is leaking is this the mixer valve or the pump? if so can you advise of the seal required

Submitted 561 days ago | by Anonymous, southampton
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This diagram may help,
A: 557 days ago | Barrie
leaking hot water from shower head - shower force 2000 1 Answer

Q: How do we solve the problem of leaking hot water from the shower head

Submitted 618 days ago | by H, Cumbernauld
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A: You need a new set of seals.

Take care when fitting these the magnet assembly and reed switch are obsolete if you damage the magnet or reed then you will need a new shower.

Answered 618 days ago | The Doc
Regal Showerforce seal Kit 1 Answer

Q: My Shower unit drips from the shower head. The drip is minor but it is getting worst compared to what it was. I live in a hard water area and think scale might be the cause. Would a good clean out and new seals cure my problem(SP 320-0106).

your help is appreciated.

Submitted 815 days ago | by Bod, Suffolk
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A: Yesthe seal kit should do it.

Howevertake care when doing this because many of the other parts are obsolete and ifyou damage anything you may not be able to replace it.

Answered 815 days ago | The doc
Powershower 3000 thermostatic 2 Answers


Submitted 971 days ago | by Yorkie, York
! Answer this question
Sorry I looked at where this question had come from rather than the Question title.
the seals for the 3000 are obsoleteAnswered 971 days ago | The Doc

A: The two small bucket seals

Answered 971 days ago | The Doc
Showerforce 2000 seal kit 1 Answer

Q: Hi, Will this service kit fit a Showerforce 2000? Another site shows this part as the replacement for the 2000?

Many thanks


Submitted 1004 days ago | by Adrian, Tain
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A: Yes this will service the mixing valve on the 2000

Take care when you remove the Magnet assembly (The hockey stick) these are obsolete therefore irreplaceable.

I am not sure what you mean by “the replacement for the 2000” ?

Answered 1004 days ago | The Doc
Leaking mixer valve 1000XM 1 Answer

Q: Will this kit fix my leaking mixer valve, leaking from the front cover?

It's a Showerforce 1000XM power shower.



Submitted 1194 days ago | by Jon, Leeds
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A: Yes it should, however I would remove the front cover (Switch the power off first) and just check that the leak is coming from the mixing valve, the leak could just possibly be coming from the pump

Answered 1193 days ago | The Doc
Showerforce2000 - cold water not coming through 1 Answer

Q: After many years of having a shower force 2000 (in fact I have replaced one with another bought from EBAY) the cold feed suddenly appears to have almost stopped. When turning the shower to nearly cold the shower makes a different pitched noise and the water nearly dries up. It is as if there is cold water but not being pumped through by the shower, rather it is only coming through under its own pressure. Is this possible?

2 questions therefore:-

1) Do you have an idea of what could cause it, and if so do you have the part to fix it?

2) Re your suggestion for an alternative product; does it use the same power arrangement? My current shower has a power lead going up into the loft space, across to another room (airing cupboard) where the power transformer is. Given that I have floorboarded the loft I would prefer to use the existing cables than rerun a whole new one.

Grateful for any help you can offer


Submitted 1231 days ago | by Richard, SS6 9QD
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Assuming the cold supply to the unit is ok then it is almost certainly a collapsed seal and fitting a seal kity should fix it. The seal kit cfan be ordered online by clicking on the link below.
A: 1230 days ago | Alastair
Customer Reviews
Newteam Shower revival
New seals were required to prevent constant dripping from shower head.
After placing an order for a seal kit on the website, the NewTeam sprang into action and delivery was made the next morning.

How much better than that can you expect?
senior tp, Unknown
02 November 2012 Rating:     
Newteam seal kit for leaking shower
Part arrived as stated. Easy to follow instructions. Parts easy to fix. Sorted out problem with shower. Excellent! Anonymous, Glasgow
18 August 2012 Rating:     
Showerforce 2000 seals
Eventually after trolling the web I found the seals I needed at Shower Doctor. I placed my order which was expedited the next day deliverd 2 days from initial order. A regular e-mail was posted to me daily informimng on the status of my order. Excellent service which I shall use again and tell my friends about.

Andy Monifieth Andy, Monifieth Scotland
11 April 2012 Rating:     
Newteam power showers Seal Kit
Excellent service for the item I required, very helpful in giving advice on a problem I asked about. Kit delivered in 2 days may have been quicker but for our postal service. Easy fitting instructions shower working within 30mins of taking delivery.

Thanks Baz, Peterborough
23 March 2012 Rating:     

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