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Shower Heads

Shower Heads

We stock a huge range of Shower Heads for all the leading manufacturers.  If you cant find a specific manufacturer head why not choose one of our excellent Universal Shower Heads.
Ranges that we stock include Mira Shower Heads, Triton Shower Heads, Aqualisa Shower Heads and Grohe Shower Heads

Shower Heads

Why Not Upgrade Your Existing Shower Head?

Often people will stick with the shower head that came with their shower; this of course if fine. However, you might be missing out on some of the great features that are available by upgrading your existing shower head. Many shower heads will include the option of varying the spray action, and this means that you can choose any number of settings on you shower head to change the pressure and flow of the water. Now different members of the family will be able to enjoy the shower that they want, all from the same shower head.

If you've got a faulty or broken shower head, When it comes to selecting a new replacement shower head it is perhaps important to have an understanding of exactly which shower model you already have; this will help avoid any compatibility issues that might arise from buying the wrong shower head. If this is something that is difficult to do then it is good to know that many shower head manufacturers also provide a universal option.

Depending on just how much use your shower head gets will affect how often that you will need to clean it; the important thing to remember is that when it is clean it will operate much more efficiently than when it is full of lime scale and/or grime.