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Thermostatic cartridge 1 Answer

Q: My concentric thermostatic mixer shower is about 6 years old. I am not getting hot water even with the temperature turned to the hottest. I have been told to replace the thermostatic cartridge. The manual I have states the number as 83310120. Is your Trito-83307770 the same as 83310120?

Submitted 77 days ago | by Mrs Sood, United Kingdom
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A: There various versions of the Dart however here is the linkto the 83310120 cartridge

Answered 77 days ago | The Doc
Triton Dart II Concentric Mixer Shower 1 Answer

Q: The shower is getting increasingly difficult to turn on - very stiff. Tried cleaning cartridge and worked fine for a couple of months but is now back again. Should the cartridge be replaced to stop this happening



Submitted 342 days ago | by Mo, Cambridtgeshire
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A: Yes a new cartridge should solve this problem.Answered 342 days ago | Barrie
Triton Dart concentric thermostatic mixer valve 1 Answer

Q: My shower no longer gives me hot water (just luke warm)

Do i need to replace the mixer valve? The existing valve is just over a year old but outwit the guarantee period

Submitted 431 days ago | by Gerry, Airdrie, Scotland.
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Check that you are actually getting hot water into the shower and if the head and hose are clear. If so then you may need a new cartridge,
A: 431 days ago | Barrie
shower valve not turning off. Temp control not functioning 1 Answer

Q: Hi.I have problem when turning shower off. Sometimes it does not stop the water.To stop the water i have to really wrench it shut. secondly the temperature

control is out of control. Hot and cold all over the place. What causes this?

Submitted 479 days ago | by Danny, Leicester
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A: I think that you need a new cartridge.Answered 477 days ago | Barrie
Triton Dart-Thermostatic Concentric mixer-exposed 1 Answer

Q: The shower continually drips when turned off, suggesting internal seal wear. Can I purchase a seal replacement kit or is there an alternative solution.

Submitted 500 days ago | by Den, Cheadle, Staffordshire
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A: You need a new slide valve

However due to the cost it may be worth stripping the valve out giving it a clean and lube with silicon grease, no guarantee but probably worth a try.

Answered 498 days ago | The Doc
flow control 1 Answer

Q: turning the flow control is very stiff and needs two hand to move a short distance to operate to operate the shower, do I need a spare part or is the shower broken.

Submitted 578 days ago | by colin, Manchester
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A: You need a new cartridge.Answered 578 days ago | Barrie
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