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Triton 83304950

LP Cartridge
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£102.00 (inc. Vat)
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Item Number:  TRITO-83304950
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Product Details

Low Pressure Cartridge

Does not come with a Brass Housing.
Important Information

If purchasing this cartridge without the brass housing you may come across the following when fitting:

Your old body may not have the guide pin holes for the cartridge guide pins on the rear of the cartridge, If this is the case you can break off the guide pins for it to fit properly in to the body. If you try to screw the body in to the brass housing without the guide pin holes in the body the cartridge will leak.

Make sure you DO NOT over tighten the 4 screws holding the cartridge in to the body as this can break the lug holes where the screws secure it in to the body.

You can occasionally have problems getting the cartridge to seal and you may need to remove and re-fit the cartridge a couple of times before it will seal properly. The cartridge is not faulty if this happens and may just need a little lubrication on the seals for it to slip in to the body more freely. If you continue to have difficulty getting the cartridge to seal please contact us for further advice.

To eliminate any problems getting the cartridge to seal, Triton recommend that you fit the complete assembly consisting of the brass body and cartridge combined (Part No. 83304940) this however is not always practical if your shower is built-in (recessed) to the wall. 

LP - low pressure cartridge without brass body - 83304950
LP - low pressure cartridge with brass body - 83304940