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Triton 83304950

LP Cartridge
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Product Details

Low Pressure Cartridge

Does not come with a Brass Housing.
Important Information

If purchasing this cartridge without the brass housing you may come across the following when fitting:

Your old body may not have the guide pin holes for the cartridge guide pins on the rear of the cartridge, If this is the case you can break off the guide pins for it to fit properly in to the body. If you try to screw the body in to the brass housing without the guide pin holes in the body the cartridge will leak.

Make sure you DO NOT over tighten the 4 screws holding the cartridge in to the body as this can break the lug holes where the screws secure it in to the body.

You can occasionally have problems getting the cartridge to seal and you may need to remove and re-fit the cartridge a couple of times before it will seal properly. The cartridge is not faulty if this happens and may just need a little lubrication on the seals for it to slip in to the body more freely. If you continue to have difficulty getting the cartridge to seal please contact us for further advice.

To eliminate any problems getting the cartridge to seal, Triton recommend that you fit the complete assembly consisting of the brass body and cartridge combined (Part No. 83304940) this however is not always practical if your shower is built-in (recessed) to the wall. 

LP - low pressure cartridge without brass body - 83304950
LP - low pressure cartridge with brass body - 83304940
Questions and Answers
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Leaking from new o seals... 1 Answer

Q: I have fitted these replacement cartridges before and found that on a few occasions the O rings let by on the hot and cold inlets as the seal isnt tight enough and could do with a slightly thicker O rings, Is this something that can now be purchased or ?? any other ideas,,, before I tell the client what to expect, the brass body is in wall so will only be looking at replacement of cartridge...thanks Al

Submitted 11 days ago | by nicalby, london
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A: The "O" rings on these cartridges can fold back on themselves causing a leak in this area. We have found that if you super glue them in place before fitting this can reduce the chances of this happening.Answered 10 days ago | Barrie
83303820 Cartridge fit 1 Answer

Q: Will this cartridge retrofit the brass housing ( four fixing points) which was manufactured about 15 yes ago, part no above.

Thank you.

Submitted 217 days ago | by steb, Liverpool
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A: Yes this cartridge will fit.

The cartridge has two plastic locating pins if your housing doesn’thave the pre drilled holes for the pins just snap the pins off.

However this is unlikely as only the earliest of housingsdidn’t have the pre drilled holes.

Answered 214 days ago | The Doc
Will this replace my old Triton cartridge? 1 Answer

Q: The mixer valve on my Triton shower is now only producing cold water. The shower is from about 1995 and I don't have a part number. The LP cartridge (83304950) looks the same as the one I have (see attached photo). One thing that I have noticed is that the current cartridge has 4 holes for fixing to the brass housing, but only 2 diagonally opposite screws are actually used (see photo). This appears to be because the housing only has 2 holes in it. Can this be an issue?

Many thanks.

Submitted 355 days ago | by Mark, Leicester
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This is the item that you need, but read the red section on the link. You have an old version that only had two fixing holes but this should not cause a problem.Answered 354 days ago | Barrie
Replacement Triton cartridge - unknown part number 1 Answer

Q: I have a Triton Aquasensation Mixer Shower from 1996. The cartridge unit has broken. The cartridge assembly is listed in the User Guide as part no. 83303820 but I cannot find this anywhere. The 83304950 looks very similar. Do you know if it is compatible? Thanks.

Submitted 497 days ago | by terryd, Essex
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If your shower looks like this and has the same dial etc then this is correct.Answered 497 days ago | Barrie
Screw specification 1 Answer

Q: In refitting a cartridge and achieving a non-leaking seal, I've lost several screws down the wall cavity and so have no spares.

Hence I would appreciate a specification to aid replacement.

Submitted 775 days ago | by Roland, Northampton
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A: I have found that helps if you pack the area below the cartridge with something to prevent the loss of the screws. There is now a link on the cartridge page to the screws.Answered 774 days ago | Barrie
Fitting lp cartridge seals 1 Answer

Q: do i need to state that i need flat seals and not bevilled ones when i order my new cartridge,as last time i fitted cartridge into brass housing i had problems with bevilled seals and had to send for the flat ones after which i had no problem with fitting.

Submitted 787 days ago | by sandy, aberdeenshire
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A: The seals have changed, however they can still be difficultto fit, Triton’s solution is to sell the cartridge complete with the housing, sothe cartridge is factory fitted, however this is not entirely practical if youhave a recessed shower

See the notes below the cartridge.

Answered 786 days ago | The Doc
LP valve 83304950 1 Answer

Q: How many non return valves do i require 83303810 ?

Submitted 797 days ago | by billy bits, Biggar uk
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A: You would normally have one check valve in the hot and oneon the cold inlets

Answered 795 days ago | The Doc
cartridge 1 Answer

Q: does the cartridge come with the four screws to mount to the brass housing

Submitted 1135 days ago | by scott, leicestershire
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Afraid not you have to reuse the existing ones, however if you have managed to lose 2 of them then 2 on opposite corners are sufficient for a good repair.
A: The cartridge can be ordered online by clicking on thelunk below. 1135 days ago | Alastair
Customer Reviews
Triton LP cartridge needed
Whilst this was indeed a match for an older shower it was only just possible to get the old cartridge out. Fred, Unknown
11 November 2013 Rating:     
Review of Triton LP Cartridge
Product comes with seals and knob. It does not come with the screws that attach it to the brass housing. Tight fit but after a bit of force slips into place quite well. Chips, Telford
22 November 2012 Rating:     
Triton spares - Good delivery service.
Having been a Plumber for nearly fifty years now I have dealt with numerous plumbers merchants and suppliers/manufacturers.
When ordering spare parts the reply is usually "in a couple of days or next week on their delivery date. How refreshing when I ordered a spare shower cartridge one day and much to my surprise it was delivered the next day.This was brilliant,well done,the customer was pleased as well. Ade, Coal Aston,Dronfield,Derbyshire.
24 October 2012 Rating:     
My Triton LP mixer shower works again
Prompt delivery. Works a treat. Thank you. Chris, Gloucester
28 August 2012 Rating:     
Triton LP Cartridge Review
This cartridge was purchased to cure a cold water only problem with our LP mixer shower (a plastic spacer bracket inside the cartridge had snapped).

This unit was easy enough to fit into the original brass housing but did require several refit attempts to get a seal however this did not take long. The control knob was a dissapointment as the temperature wheel felt poorly aligned from the beginning and the temperature safety lock could not be disengaged with the small button on the dial. I ended up swapping parts from the old unit to get this one to work correctly. Rich, Bromsgrove
04 September 2011 Rating:     
Triton mixer shower repair
Fitted the cartridge had a small problem with the o rings coming out of their grooves but sorted that with a few drops of superglue.

Thanks for the freely given advice and usual very prompt service.

G Dodd Adelaide P & H x, sittingbourne
06 August 2011 Rating:     

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