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triton serrano shower 1 Answer

Q: all lights lit up but no hot water

Submitted 182 days ago | by saint123, oxfordshire
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A: I thinkyou may have a faulty Thermal Cut Out

A faulty TCO will have nocontinuity across the two terminals (The black thing on top of the heatingtank)
Therefore a good TCO willhave power at both connections and a faulty TCO will have power at only one.
(The function of the TCOis, if the water over heats it cuts the power off to the elements until thewater cools, this can take up to 15mins)

See Video.

Afterfitting a new TCO

When fitting a new TCO listen to the shower, afterit has completed its first on/off cycle, if when it is switched off you hear itcontinuing to heat (Noise like a kettle starting to boil) this will mean thatthere is a switch or a relay that is stuck in the on position, this is keepingan element energised and this is probably what caused the original TCO to fail.

If this is the case replace the faulty switch orrelay and make sure that you switch the shower off at the isolating switch whenthe shower is not in use because this maycause the new TCO to fail.

Answered 182 days ago | The Doc
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