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Triton Thermostatic Cartridge 83307770

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Compatibility & Other Parts 1 Answer

Q: Hi,

I have submitted pics of my existing shower valve and cartridge and this has been suggested as the appropriate part - what would happen if it turns out to be incorrect...

Also, if I am swapping out the existing cartridge and replacing with this, do you think I will need any other parts/consumables at the same time or is it just a straight spanner off then spanner on job?


Submitted 142 days ago | by Jamezm, Southampton
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You could remove the existing cartridge and match it to our picture to be sure that it is the correct part.
We may accept a return if there are no marks on the cartridge if it does prove incorrect.

A spot of grease should be all that you need to help fitting of the cartridge .
Answered 142 days ago | Barrie
how do you get this part off 1 Answer

Q: hi there , iam having great big problems trying to get this part off as i think that the rubber rings are needing re done as the water is running when the shower is off and ive tryed every thing trying to get this part off please can you help.

Submitted 529 days ago | by danny, bathgate
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A: This cartridge does not have serviceable parts so you will need a new cartridge. You will need a spanner to unscrew it.Answered 528 days ago | Barrie
Triton Aspriante Query 1 Answer

Q: I am just woundering dose this part work in a triton aspirante chrome, which was bought in 2004 as i cannot find one on your site? Also if the part is wrong could i exchamge it?

Submitted 1100 days ago | by Mondo, Galway, Ireland
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A: The Aspirante is a range of showers to work out which one you have can you send a photo one of the shower and one of the shower with the knobs and cover plate removed.

If you have difficulty in attaching them then can you send them to my email address

Answered 1099 days ago | The Doc
Triton Thames concentric concealed shower leaking/temp control problem 1 Answer

Q: Hi - just fitted a second hand (hardly used) triton thames concentric concealed unit in place of my old broken bristen pisa. Only problem is that it drips (approx. 4lt per day) and it's very very hard to select a temperature (just that extra 1 degree hotter and it's all suddenly cold until you turn the dial all the way round and then come back again to where you were). Anyway - our local plumbing place has them on offer for £158 + vat (which I think is pretty good), but just wondered if this thermostatic cartridge would do the job, and how easy/long would it take to change (I could fit a whole new shower unit in about 30mins).

Your though would be greatly appreciated.


Submitted 1336 days ago | by Ozzy
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A: We have this cartridge in stock for £96.86 plus p&p, it can be ordered online by clicking on the link below.and it is pretty straightforward to fit.Answered 1330 days ago | Alastair
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