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Triton Thermostatic Cartridge 83310120

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Leaking cartridge triton 1 Answer

Q: 2009 shower code 86001940 on casing -possibly a TRITON DART - was leaking at centre spindle, so I stripped cartridge and replaced spindle 'O' rings and leak fixed - but now shower leaks at outlet port when flow control turned off with humming noise (I can not see a problem with the cartridge it operates OK ) - any ideas why cartridge 83310120 passes ?

Submitted 194 days ago | by Leaky shower, Irvine Scotland
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These cartridges are according to the manufacturer a non serviceable item, and therefore designed to be replaced if a fault occurs.Answered 193 days ago | Barrie
Replacing the cartridge nut is stuck 1 Answer

Q: How do you remove the cartridge? The large brass not doesnt turn on my shower, will I have to take the casing off and remove it from the back or will it pull out from the front?

Submitted 801 days ago | by wil, lincoln
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A: Thiscartridge fits more than one shower so I don’t know exactly which shower youhave.

Howeverthe brass nut should turn try a few kettles of boiling hot water over the endof the valve this may expand the valve just enough to release the nut.

Youcould also try giving the nut a few sharp taps with a hammer be firm but notenough to damage it

Answered 800 days ago | The Doc
Replacing cartridge 1 Answer

Q: I think I have a Triton Dart II Thermostatic. Is the way to replace this by undoing the very large brass nut? If so what is the exact size of the nut, 47 or 48mm

Submitted 827 days ago | by Anonymous, Unknown
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Yes turnoff the water and undo the large nut.

Sorry I donot have the correct size of the nut most people would use pump pliers or anadjusting pair of pliers to undo this nut

Answered 827 days ago | The doc
warm water 1 Answer

Q: new cartridge bought on 27/01/11 ,because old one was. stiff to turn on and intermittent hot and cold water ,new one worked o/k but now I find it runs only warm has the winter weather got anything to do with it.


Submitted 834 days ago | by sheeba, wooler
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A: Unlikely to have any problems with this cartridge .


Regarding the temperaturefluctuation or cool running it could be a faulty cartridge however to checkthis, see if you can get hold of the hot supply pipe before it enters theshower or perhaps as it leaves the boiler.

If when holding this pipe thetemperature fluctuates or goes cool then the problem is not with the shower butmore likely with the boiler as the shower can only deliver what the boilersends to it.

Disregard the temperature at thetaps as they have a different flow rate.

If there is still a problem thensend a copy of this email and your invoice details to Raymond in our returnsdept and he willtake it from there.

Answered 834 days ago | The Doc
Stiff to turn 1 Answer

Q: Do these units go stiff with age, or with hard water etc... unit gone very stiff and cannot turn on sometimes, is it easy to replace?

Submitted 958 days ago | by Anonymous, Colchester
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Yes both age and hard water can cause this and a new cartridge is required , it can be ordered online by clicking on the link below.
A: 957 days ago | Alastair
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Thermostatic Cartridge for Triton shower
The Shower Doctor was the best price around for this cartridge. Ordering was easy and delivery speedy. Good Experience with The Shower Doctor Anonymous, March Cambridgeshire
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