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Replacing micro-switch

This question is regarding Active 320 Shower (2000 - Current) Shower Spares

how do you replace microswitch?, ring 07760317436 when you have time for more information.

Asked 5 years ago by Anonymous

Make sure that the power is off and it is just a case of removing the connections stripping out the micro switch slipping the new one in and reconnecting.
HOWEVER  your enquiry came from an Active 320 and replacing the switches in these is not a particularly easy job, the switches are held in place by plastic clips.
You have to ease the surround plastic away from the sides micro switches to get them out, (A thin screwdriver between the plastic and the switch)this is one of these things where they are difficult to get out but the new one will just press back into place.
My thought is for the cost of a Micro switch it is probably worth having a go, but if you haven’t done it before this is not the easiest thing to start with.
If the shower isn’t working as long as the power is off all you can do is wreck the switch holder and have to buy a new shower which is exactly where you are if you can’t fix it.  
Answered 5 years ago by George Thomson
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