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Redring 350 does not stop water after 7 sec, unless main switch is switched off

This question is regarding Active 350 Shower (2000 - Current) Shower Spares

Reading one of your answers I think I have a stuck microswitch. Part number is 93795804. Are there instructions how to change this? How do I open the main cover of the shower?

Asked 4 years ago by Emmanuel Raptakis
If when you switch off the shower at the main isolator and the shower keeps running then you have a faulty solenoid.

When you switch off the shower at the main isolator and the water stops running, then you have a faulty on/off switch or a faulty PCB or a micro switch that is sticking on.
I am often asked “Is this a DIY job” to be honest I can’t answer that, because without knowing someone, it isn’t possible to assess their skills?

I should say that most jobs on showers although relatively easy (from my point of view) can be fiddly and an extra pair of hands, long thin fingers and the strength in your hands of an all in wrestler are a help!

The secret is, observing very carefully when things are taken to bits, their order and orientation, taking notes and/or photos as you go can also be a help.

When you are working with electricity and water so make sure it is switched off and turned off before you start.

If you think you can do the job but aren’t just that confident, it may help to buy the part and compare it to the faulty part, you will then be able to see where the screws, wires, nuts, or washers etc. go, if then you think it is to complicated, at least you will have the part when the plumber or electrician arrives.

We will always be here to offer help and advice if you run into a problem, however it is not the same as being on site where we can get the overhaul picture, if you are still not sure, now is the time to call in a professional.

Answered 4 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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