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Mira Combiforce 415

This question is regarding Aqualisa Aquavalve 900 - Exposed PBV Shower Spares

Hi my Mira 415 when i turn the control knob for hot water my boiler does not always ignite the burner had boiler checked ok but when ignites shower ok but when turn to cold some times stays hot for a while as if something is sticking some times shower works straight away any advice thankyou..

Asked 8 years ago by Anonymous
First check that all the valves to the boiler and the showerare fully open, because I suspect you may have a flow rate problem, if all ofthese are OK and you are happy that the boiler is OK then that only leaves afaulty shower However one of thesecartridges sticking would be unusual
Answered 8 years ago by George Thomson
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