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temp. on old aqualiser shower not able to be adjusted

This question is regarding Aqualisa Classic Aquavalve 200 Thermostatic and 400 Manual Shower Spares

Suddenly , on a very old Aqualiser shower, the temp cannot be adjusted> it sends out only slightly warm water. I think I need a new cartridge, but I don't know which of the cartridges to order> ? the thermostatic 022801 one or the multipoint 022802. I don't think the present cartridge is pink, but it is quite old!

Asked 7 years ago by Anonymous
You will have to find out which cartridge you have.Pink for a combi or multipoint and grey any system with balanced (equal) pressures.Remove the on/off knob should just pull forward however it can be a bit of a bu**er then remove the 4 screws that hold the temperature knob in place, remove the temperature knob and then you will see the colour of your cartridge.If you already have the cartridge and want to carry on and replace it you will have to turn the water off to the shower.Then remove the cartridge you will need to remove the 4 large screws at the side of the cartridge these have posidrive or ‘Torx’ T25 heads depending on there age.Pull the cartridge forward to remove.Before fitting the new cartridge you should replace the small ‘O’ ring at the rear of the body this is another bu**er to change……(something like a crochet hook or the sort of thing that dentists use will help)It is not always necessary to replace this ring however if there any problems with the cartridge, the first question you will be asked is did you replace the ‘O’ ring? if the answer is no! then you will be told to phone back once it has been replaced. When you refit the cartridge make sure that the slot, (usually on the right of the body ) the gasket and the body all line up properly then retighten the screws.On the older versions you have to reuse the original brass screws if you have this type be careful not to over tighten the screws because the brass inserts in the body may split, on a few occasions you may find they have split when you remove the old cartridge if this happens then you will probably have to replace the body.Refit the temperature control knob (new screws supplied) the fit the on / off knob, turn the water back on and check for leaks, if everything is OK remove clothes and have a shower!!! Part No. AQUAL-022-801 Cartridge Thermostatic Grey LP Gravity Fed & Pumped Systems Only Part No. AQUAL-022-802 Cartridge Multipoint HP/ Pink Combi Boilers Only Part No. AQUAL-022-804 Cartridge Manual Blue Part No. AQUAL-022-805 Cartridge Manual White Click on the link below, choose the manufacturer of the shower you have, scroll down the list of parts and select the part number you require.You can then purchase the items online or call the office on 0131 443 9917 pressing option # 1 for spares.
Answered 7 years ago by Barrie Seabright
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