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O-ring (again)

This question is regarding Aqualisa Multipoint Cartridge - 022802

Thanks again for the quick reply.

Given the only other option is spending hundreds of pounds replacing the tap body or getting a whole new mixer/bath filler, do you think it might be worth a try sticking a line of silicone sealant around the metal body/ plastic insert join line (as long as it doesn't block the cold water input?

Asked 7 years ago by Samantha Hardman
Absolutelynothing to stop you trying silicon. Ihave tried various things in the past none of which were 100% successful  the best result was with Araldite but  still had a small weep from the joint.Theother problem with Araldite is it is pretty much a one way thing, if it bondsthe cartridge and the plastic insert together there is no way it will comeapart.  
Answered 7 years ago by George Thomson
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