Grey cartridge issue

I have a combi boiler and recently had to replace the old blue cartridge on my shower as it was leaking. I was advised by some ###### that I could simply replace with a grey cartridge as the blue was now discontinued. No leaks now but cannot control the temperature and it now appears that I should have purchased a pink cartridge! Is there any way of rectifying this by some sort of flow regulator and if so can one be fitted within the housing and on which flow, cold or hot? I don't really want to now have to bung out another 70+ quid on another. Thanks.
Asked 6 years ago by James
Hi James,

Yes the blue cartridge is discontinued now and Aqualisa do say you replace it with the Grey. The suggest that if the shower has been fitted on a combi boiler for some time then a grey cartridge will work ok. We have found cases where the pink was needed afterwards. It seems strange that you had a blue manual cartridge fitted which is not thermostatic.

Have you had a combi boiler or high pressure system fitted recently?


Answered 6 years ago by Liam Corrigan

No, both (oil combi & shower) were already fitted when we moved in. Any way round this without buying a pink cartridge? Thanks.

Answered 6 years ago by James Brown

You could fit a PRV ,

to the cold supply coming in.

Answered 6 years ago by Barrie Seabright

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