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Shower Screens and Enclosures

Shower Screens and Enclosures

You may think that when it comes to protecting your bathroom from the shower or tub, that you only have the option of a shower curtain or shower door. Installing a shower door is expensive and complicated, while a shower curtain is affordable and easy to install, but it is not as durable. However, there is another option, one that offers the best of both worlds, a shower screen. A shower screen is a bit heavier and more protective than a normal shower curtain. While it does need some installation, it is a simple procedure that many do it yourself experts can tackle themselves in just an afternoon. If you decide to try to install it yourself, remember that Shower Doctor offers assistance via phone or email to help answer any questions or alleviate any concerns that occur.

Explore the different types of shower screens available here at Shower Doctor and see if one may be the solution you have been looking for in terms of bathroom protection. Whether you are looking for a clear or opaque shower screen, or one that has a hinge open or slide, Shower Doctor has exactly what you are looking for—at a price that cannot be beat.