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Mirror Cabinets

Every bathroom needs a mirror. Whether you use it for styling your hair, shaving or applying make-up or just checking yourself before you run out the door to head to work, a mirror is a necessity. At some point, the idea of the mirror cabinet gained popularity, and this necessary piece of equipment became even more functional. A mirror cabinet offers a small amount of storage space behind the mirror. This gives you space to keep medications, shaving supplies, make-up or other small items.

There are many types of these mirror cabinets now. There are simple single-door cabinets as well as those that have sliding doors and double doors as well. While the more traditional mirror cabinet is rectangle, there are square and oval cabinets as well.

If you have considered adding one of these to your bathroom, you may worry the project is beyond your skills. That is where Shower Doctor comes can assist you. We are more than happy to help you choose the right cabinet, get the tools you need for installation and even answer any questions you have about how you install the cabinet in your bathroom. This is just another reason that Shower Doctor is the ideal place to make your bathroom accessory purchases.