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Towel Racks

Towel Racks

More than simply a place to hang your towel, a towel rack is a nice accent piece in any bathroom. There are many designs and finishes, so you can easily find one that enhances the style  of your bathroom. Additionally, you can find racks made specifically for full-size towels or smaller hand towels.  A towel rack does not have to be a simple bar like you may be familiar with, there are full racks that include shelving, giving you the space you need for additional storage, as well as simple hooks or rings that accomplish the same goal as a towel rack but do not take up the space.

One thing to consider before purchasing a towel rack is whether you want a rack that you install, which does take a bit more effort but gives you a permanent solution, or if you want a moveable rack. The stand-alone moveable racks are easier to work with, but they do take up floor space, which can be at a premium in some bathrooms.

Check out the selection of racks available at great prices here at Shower Doctor and find the towel rack that will perfectly complement your bathroom and other décor.