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Tumbler Holders

Tumbler Holders

A nice touch to any bathroom is a tumbler holder. Rinsing your mouth after your brush your teeth is a necessity, and  instead of dealing with paper or plastic cups, keeping a sturdy and attractive glass cup in the bathroom is a nice touch. You can save money since you will not have to keep buying those paper cups. However, if you go this route, you need some way to keep your glass safe in the restroom. That is where a tumbler holder comes in handy. Installing a tumbler holder is a simple do it yourself job that can add a touch of class to your bathroom. These simple holders will keep a glass of water close at hand for brushing your teeth, and  they look great too.

Browse the large selection of tumbler holders available here at Shower Doctor. You will find that there are many different styles available, one of which is likely perfect for you. If you have questions about these holders, or any other bathroom accessories, we can help you. Contact us today and get started with your next bathroom project—whether it is simply adding a tumbler holder or you are going for a full bathroom renovation.