5 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply

Your bathroom is one of the most hard-working rooms in your home. Your fixtures and décor have to cope with heavy use, not to mention heat, water, steam and the spray of various cleaning and cosmetic products which all take their toll and make a bathroom look dull, tired and uninviting.

A complete bathroom renovation might be tempting, but it isn’t always necessary to make dramatic changes to achieve a brand new look. Try some of these budget-friendly alterations to for a stylish bathroom makeover:

Decorate: For the price of a tin of paint you can simply freshen up your bathroom or transform it entirely. If you have a white bathroom suite you can use pretty much any colour or pattern on your walls. Light colours work best if your bathroom is small but don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour too. A simple paint job alone won’t give a room the ‘wow factor’, so why not add some wall decals over the bath or renovate the floor. Floorboards are easy to clean up with a hired sander and whether you paint or varnish them, the effect will be a classy one which is easy to maintain and clean.

Taps: Installing new taps is one of those DIY tasks that looks tricky but is actually very easy once you know how. Changing the taps on the sink and bath or even installing a new shower unit are very effective ways of making a bathroom appear more grand and luxurious than it actually is and if you need help, you can find some great tutorials online.

Light: Changing the light is the easiest way to alter the ambience of a room. Installing a dimmer switch will let you change the mood depending on what you want to use the bathroom for; low light helps to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for bathing while bright light make is easy to carry out bathroom tasks like shaving and applying make-up. In addition, wall mounted lights or sconces make an interesting, yet useful feature and are pretty simple to install, but for a touch of real glamour, add a strip of theatre style bulbs around your bathroom mirror.

Shower and Bath: You don’t need to replace your bath or shower to make them look and feel more elegant. Replace any plastic bath panels with wooden ones which you can varnish or paint to suit your décor, and if you have a shower over the bath, replace a curtain with a wall mounted, glazed screen. If you have a tired-looking shower enclosure, giving it a really good clean and replacing the seals will extend its life and improve its appearance.

Upcycle: Finally, you can easily keep your costs down by breathing new life into old bathroom fixtures and furniture. Give tired looking cabinets a make-over with a new paint finish or just update them with new handles. If you have an enamel bath or sink that is chipped, any obvious damage can easily be fixed with a purpose-made repair kit. Upcycling gives your bathroom the appearance of new, unique and designer quality fittings at a fraction of the price.

The friendly team at The Shower Doctor have been helping customers breathe new life into old bathrooms for over 20 years. To find out how we can help you, visit our website or contact us on 0131 538 4343.

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