6 things you didn't know about the shower

It's a device most of us will use every day, in a room of the house where all of us will visit regularly. It can be relaxing, romantic and rejuvenating - but how much do you actually know about the shower?

We're not talking about the technicalities for once, but more about how and why people use their shower, and all the interesting facts in between. It could be said that you can learn a lot about an individual by find out about their cleansing habits - here are our top six interesting shower stats to get you thinking.

6. The average shower

According to Di Vapor, the average shower in the UK lasts eight minutes (although many wish it could be longer) and is 42 degrees celsius in temperature, which indicates that most of us quite enjoy a warm soak when we do step under the showerhead!

5.  The longest shower

Taking considerably more time than the average, the world record for the longest-ever shower is held by Kevin "Catfish" McCarthy, which lasted for an astounding 340 hours and 40 minutes - or just over two weeks. It was set in 1985 and has obviously stood the test of time!

4. The elephant in the room

Another interesting fact provided by Di Vapor is that 75 per cent of people apparently admit to peeing in the shower! Whether or not this is the case with you (both in terms of doing it and then actually admitting it), consider this - in Brazil, the government actively encourages members of the public to urinate down the plughole as it helps to save water!

3. Money down the plughole

If you're on a water meter, then this next snippet of information could make you wince. On average, we waste 55,000 litres of water every year as a result of dripping shower heads. While we're on the topic of finances, the average cost per shower stands at around 22 pence.

2. Your shower persona

It's funny what a shower can do to your confidence levels and one of the real shower cliches is of the person who loves to belt out a song at the top of their lungs while having a wash when, in reality, you wouldn't hear a peep from them.

According to a consumer and market insights group coordinated by shower manufacturer Moen, 63 per cent of people choose to flex their vocal cords in this environment because they know no-one can hear them and they feel safe and secure.

Similarly, 67 per cent of showerers use their time to contemplate about some of the wider issues in their life, with family, relationships and work some of the most popular topics to daydream about as you soak.

1. Men are from Mars…

More interesting research centres around how shower habits differ depending on the gender of the person taking them. For example, women tend to shower for longer, and also like their showers to be more powerful - so if you're a female looking to buy a new unit, then you could be more tempted to sway towards a power shower than a regular mixer or electric shower.

Perhaps surprisingly, men shower more often than women - with 70 per cent of males showering daily compared to 57 per cent of females. Coincidentally, the nation whose population is most likely to shower every day is Mexico.

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