6 Tips to Cut Down Your Water Bills

Every home owner wants to do what they can to cut down on their monthly bills and by making some small changes to your habits you can help to reduce your water bills leaving you with some extra cash in your pocket at the end of each month. At the end of the day every penny counts and by saving money on bills you are leaving yourself with a bit of money left over for treats or emergencies. By saving water in the home you are not only helping the environment but you will also help reduce your energy bills. You may think that wasting water only raises your water bills but the energy used to heat the water also means that you are wasting more energy and in turn increasing your monthly bills even more.

1. Turn It Off

Most people will leave the water running whilst we brush our teeth, wash or shave and by doing this you could potentially be wasting up to 6 litres of water every minute. It is also a lot more energy efficient to use cold water unless required.

2. Leaky Taps

Leaky taps contribute towards the waste of over 500 litres of water each year which makes it very important to ensure that all taps are completely switched off and always make it a priority to get leaking taps fixed as soon as possible.

3. Make Sure Appliances Are Full

Try to avoid putting on dishwashers and washing machines when they aren’t fully loaded and always make sure that you use the most energy efficient settings. If you prefer washing dishes by hand, then try and save up all your washing up for the day and do it all at once to prevent wasting more water than you need too.

4. Have A Shower Instead of a Bath

Having a shower uses a lot less water than what it takes to fill a bathtub which makes it a more efficient method of washing. Even if you don’t want to give up baths completely try and substitute it for a shower where possible to help decrease your water bills. If you prefer showering anyway try and make sure that you are using a water efficient shower head to help cut your water bills even further.

5. Re-use Water

Most of the water that we have left over from taking baths or washing up can be re-used for watering indoor and outdoor plants if it doesn’t contain any harsh detergents. Left over water, referred to as grey water, can also be used for flushing the toilet by simply pouring it in to the cistern and can help to save a lot of water around the house. Making these little changes will help reduce your monthly bills by a noticeable amount.

6. Don’t Flush Unless You Need Too

Not always flushing the toilet can be a bit off putting to many people and it all depends on personal preference as to how strict you are when it comes to flushing, however to help make a difference try and avoid flushing as a way of disposing of tissues and other rubbish and put them in the bin instead. Every time we flush a toilet a lot of water is wasted but a great way to help conquer this is by putting your left-over water or a couple of bottles of water in the cistern to help reduce the amount of water wasted.

The Shower Doctor have a fantastic range of showers and shower spares which if used along with the above advice could help to reduce your water bill.

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