APHC brand awareness 'on the up'

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) has revealed it has experienced a much greater level of brand awareness this year, largely thanks to an increased effort to market itself to the general public.

One of the main successes of the last six months has been that more people have started using the organisation's plumbing directory, findaqualityplumber.co.uk, with the number of searches taking place on the website increasing by over 50 per cent.

The tool can be used to help consumers to find an APHC-registered plumber or heating engineer in their area and the body hopes this can continue to support its professional members to draw more business as a result.

APHC chief executive John Thompson said: "“The overall drive of this year is to incite consumers to have greater awareness of the APHC brand and to have confidence in APHC members, who have gone through a screening membership process."

He added that he hoped the trend of rising interest in the body would continue, resulting in it gaining more members and an "increasing recognition amongst the general public of the APHC brand".

The directory isn't the only strategy APHC has been working at in its efforts to engage with consumers. In addition, it has created a series of free guides that cover a wide range of topics from how to select a plumbing contractor to tips and advice on dealing with flooding in the home.

It is hoped this will build the organisation's reputation among the general public, who will use its website as a resource to help them make informed decisions when they need to commission plumbing work in their homes.

Finally, APHC carried out independent research to determine how people search and select their plumbers. One of the headline-grabbing findings from this study was that one in five homeowners failed to check the credentials of professionals before allowing them to begin a job - potentially leaving them vulnerable to rogue traders.

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