APHC issues warning to rogue traders

The new president of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) has used his inaugural speech to highlight what the organisation is doing to tackle rogue traders.

Andrew Crookes addressed delegates at the Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield, revealing "significant resources" were being invested into trying to bring the number of incidents involving incompetent contractors.

Additionally, Mr Crookes revealed the APHC was continuing to lobby the government to "introduce mechanisms" that would help consumers differentiate between those who are intent on carrying out quality work and those who are more interested in ripping off their customers with shoddy workmanship and overpriced service.

He also used the event to give guests more information on his background with the organisation, along with indications over what other avenues of interest he will look to pursue during his time in the role.

"I am passionate about our industry, especially concerning the smaller businesses, which I feel are put under too many onerous paper trails and directives from government and Europe," he said, adding he was looking forward to his year in office and trying to work alongside those in the construction industry to achieve improved trading conditions with his own sector.

Recently, a study carried out by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found many homeowners were putting themselves at risk of falling victim to a rogue trader by insisting on paying for work carried out on their property on a cash-in-hand basis.

With 55 per cent of individuals apparently hoping to save money by using this approach, it was argued the most honest tradespeople would turn down the work, meaning those who accepted the terms could get away with doing the job to a poorer standard because there was no paper trail.

The FMB used the data to call on the government to reduce VAT on housing and renovation work to five per cent, to bring costs down all across the board.

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