Aqualisa launches Dream DCV range

Shower manufacturer Aqualisa has unveiled the specifications of its new Dream DCV range, promising users they will experience "sensational showering" when installing the devices in their bathrooms.

The collection of dual control valve (DCV) units offer four separate shower and/or bath configurations and has been designed to be family-friendly and reliable.

Described by the firm as the "perfect choice" when it comes to catering for the modern day multi-tasking family bathroom, consumers can operate a wall-mounted drencher shower or adjustable head as single outlet options, or alternatively two divert features enable them to switch between these two alternatives and a bath fill.

Customers can choose between four different spray patterns when it comes to utilising the adjustable shower head, with one of these being an eco-spray, which can potentially consume up to 25 per cent less water.

In addition to this, the Dream DCV products are compatible with a range of plumbing setups, including high pressure, pumped gravity and combi systems.

Aqualisa chief executive David Hollander said: "We are delighted to be unveiling the new Dream DCV range - it is our response to many customers who told us they wanted a range of quality-driven dual control showers that would be accessible, suitable for busy bathrooms and offer single outlet and divert configurations."

Mr Hollander added that consumers didn't have to compromise on style and the quality of their showering experience in order to gain on functionality and described the Dream DCV range as "flawless" when it came to meeting this criteria, noting that performance of the unit was "a given".

For those looking to invest in the new system for their own bathroom, the valves all come with a five-year guarantee on parts and labour, while the shower heads - both adjustable and drenchable - have a two-year guarantee.

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