Are grab rails becoming more popular in the bathroom?

For the elderly and those who struggle with their mobility, grab rails are generally considered to be an essential bathroom accessory.

However, it would appear as though these attachments, along with hand grips - which serve a similar purpose - are no longer limited to these two specific demographics. Indeed, as the emphasis on safety and longevity increases when it comes to bathroom designs, recent trends indicate that they could soon become a mainstay in a growing proportion of homes.

One of the companies leading the way in this area is shower and bathroom accessory manufacturer Moen, which recently expanded its Banbury collection to include an 18-inch grab bar and nine-inch hand grip.

Both offerings are made in high-quality materials, while customers can choose from two different finishes to suit the style of their bathroom. Moen suggests the products ensure homeowners no longer have "to choose between form and function".

"When it comes to bath safety, many think it's limited to older adults or those with physical challenges," said Moen Accessories marketing director Tim Bitterman.

"But safety is really for everyone. Are seatbelts only for seniors? Are bike helmets just for children? Of course not. Safety is important for all of us, everywhere … and especially with the slippery surfaces in the bath."

It could well be that Mr Bitterman's assessment is on the money. After all, whether you are 33 or 83 years old, a slip onto the hard surface of a tiled bathroom floor has the potential to do serious damage. Not only that, but if an individual is pregnant or carrying an existing injury that could result in them being more susceptible to falling, then suddenly safety products such as these become all the more attractive.

While it's certainly an extreme example, the Daily Mirror reports you are more likely to drown in your bath than a public swimming pool, highlighting the potential dangers that a fall and subsequent knock to the head can bring.

With the bathroom one of the areas of the house that is the most prone to accidents occurring, it makes sense to take the necessary measures to protect those using it. While mats are useful to place on the floor for once an individual has stepped out of their bath or shower, grab rails cover the area where you are arguably at a much greater risk of falling, thereby providing adequate protection both in and out of the tub.

The move by manufacturers towards creating more style-friendly versions of these accessories is most likely in response to a previous hurdle that will have undoubtedly stopped many families from installing them previously in that they were unsightly - meaning they would almost certainly only be fitted if they were seen as a necessity. 

However, with more companies like Moen now releasing products that serve fashion as much as function, it might not be long before the grab rail becomes a regular addition to the bathrooms of families, young people and a much wider range of demographics.

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