Bathroom gadgets of the future

Gadgets are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives and it's only a matter of time before our bathrooms are included in that.

Devices like smartphones and tablets are perfect examples of how a well thought-out innovation can make a real difference to how we go about our day and how quickly they can become widely adopted by the general public.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the possible future additions to our bathrooms - so don't rule anything out. 

While this area can be considered as one of the more humble rooms of the house, if an innovation can change the way we think about using it or make each visit an easier or more enjoyable experience, then there's no reason why we won't see the bathroom updated in the name of progress.

Ultimately, making things better is what we're always striving to do - otherwise we'd all still be showering under ice-cold waterfalls!

With that in mind, here are a number of possible gadgets that could be coming to a bathroom near you at some point soon.

Self-sterilising door handles

If it comes to fruition, this innovation is likely to be welcomed by all who put a strong emphasis on hygiene!

The concept was originally borne out of the requirement for sterilisation in the wake of the H1N1 flu virus, when it was confirmed that washing one's hands after coming into contact with certain surfaces might not have been enough to ensure the disease was not being passed from person to person.

When the handle is not in use, a UV ray sterilises it to keep it in a clean condition. However, when the handle is pressed down, it is disconnected from a switch that keeps the lamp turned on, breaking the circuit and shutting off the steriliser.

This could also theoretically be applied to the toilet flush handle, so there's certainly scope for the technology to be adapted for a number of purposes.

Smart toilets...

You've heard of smartphones and smart watches - the next step seems destined to be the smart toilet. It's a product that's already on sale in Japan and the US, retailing in the latter for $4,200 (£2,505). 

But why would you want to spend this much on a loo? When you read about what it actually does, there may be little able to stop you from jumping on the next plane to New York and snapping one up yourself. 

For the Alan Partridge fans out there, the Lixil AT200 Smart Toilet is the coveted "Buck Rogers toilet". 

To those who have never really been interested in the antics of Steve Coogan's alter ego, all you need to know is this - it flushes itself, the lid opens and closes on its own, the seat reacts to the bathroom's temperature by warming when necessary, it has a built-in automatic bidet that comes complete with air dryer and there's also a night light to help you along during those midnight runs.

Oh, and to top it all off, it offers Bluetooth connectivity and a massage feature. A massage feature! If you're not sold into the investment by now, you never will be.

The owner of this toilet is confident in his brand - speaking to the Wall Street Journal, American Standard chief executive Jay Gould revealed he expected to sell around $50 million worth of these models every year by 2017.

...and smart showers

Of course, anything loo can do, shower can do better. This year has seen many developers focus on combining the technology of smart applications with new high-tech showers.

In theory, these programs can allow users to control the temperature, intensity and duration of the shower with the flick of a button.

Digital panels that can be installed into your wall can bring a futuristic edge to any bathroom, bringing design into the equation as well. While it may be a while before these become a staple of any household, they're certainly on the horizon.


While the bathroom was once a no-go area for anything electric, this is also changing, with televisions also encroaching in this area of the house.

As technology becomes smaller, developers are finding increasingly innovative ways to incorporate TV screens into parts of the bathroom you might not have even dreamed of in the past.

For example, how about a bathtub with a telly that pops up at the flick of a switch? Similarly, you can now catch up on your favourite programmes when cleaning your teeth thanks to mirror cabinets that have in-built televisions.

Like we said at the start of this feature, the sky is the limit when it comes to what the future holds for our bathrooms. While these examples are just a few glimpses of what is already here and what is likely to be on our doorsteps at some point in the near future, who knows what else is just around the corner?

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