Bathroom problems top list of household niggles

UK households have accumulated approximately 106.4 million maintenance problems that currently sit on the 'to-do' list, according to new research.

The figures, released by Which? Trusted Traders, also revealed that nearly four in ten (37 per cent) people admitted to a tendency to put off doing tasks around the house for as long as they can bear it.

Plumbing jobs and a general need to fix up the bathroom featured heavily on Which?'s league table of household niggles, with at least three of the top ten problems located in this part of the house.

Mould or damp on the walls - something that can be caused as a result of a leaky shower or holes in the grout between tiling - was the second most common issue that homeowners were refusing to face up to, while leaky taps came in at number seven. Finally, broken bathroom fittings was ninth on the list.

Other gripes that featured on the list included doors that won't close properly, squeaky hinges, uneven flooring, dilapidated decorations and broken light fittings - all of which could also be applied to the bathroom.

Despite the findings, the same survey found that 55 per cent of those questioned said they considered themselves to be house-proud, professing that they took great care in their property and pride in how it looks.

This suggests that there could be a gap between how well we think we look after our home and the standards that we actually live by.

Regionally, it was revealed that the greatest proportion of people who said they looked after their property came from Northern Ireland, with 65 per cent admitting this was the case. However, those in the south-west appeared to be the most laid back in this sense, with just 46 per cent expressing similar views.

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