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How do they work?

An electric shower is a self-contained unit, which both heats and pumps the water which enters the unit. Some of the cold water which enters the shower is sent to a small container where it is heated, this hot water then joins the cold water stream before leaving the shower head, and a thermostat ensures a constant temperature. The temperature is adjusted by a valve, you control.

Why Buy an Electric Shower?

Electric Showers are excellent for a quick install. Although used across the home, they are particularly popular with people adding a bathroom into their home – as all they need to operate is cold water supply. If you are refitting a bathroom, and had a standard shower before – it’s unlikely that you will need an electric shower. A range of power options are available, from 8.5kw to 10.5kw, the higher the kw, the higher the performance.

How much do Electric Showers cost?

At the Shower Doctor, out cheapest Electric Shower is under £50 and our most expensive is a little over £750. Prices vary depending upon performance, and there’s an Electric Shower for suitable for every budget and requirement.

Shower Doctor Best Selling Electric Showers

Supplying thousands of showers to trade and end user customers each month, we have been able to build up a good picture of the most popular Electric Showers in the market, and will run through them below.

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower

Undoubtedly our bestselling Electric Shower, the Triton T80Z is the latest version of Britain’s bestselling shower. It’s the ideal shower for retro fitting, as its profile covers most footprints of older showers, ensuring your bathroom is kept neat. Its design uses curving designs and contemporary knobs, and is available in 7.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW power options. It also comes with a two year guarantee and Swing Fit TM technology offers both left and right hand water connections.

Triton T80Z Fast-Fit 8.5kW Electric Shower (White/Chrome) - SP8008ZFF

Gainsborough SE 8.5KW Electric Shower

This Shower combines the ultimate in practicality, economy and reliability. Operating from a simple push button start stop, there’s a single dial which controls both flow rate and temperature. No other controls, as Gainsborough have created the ‘Spray Control’ technology. This function maximises water flow by automatically adjusting to the incoming water supply whilst maintaining an even spray pattern.

Gainsborough SE 8.5kW Electric Shower (Gloss White) - 97554041

Mira Advance 8.7kW Electric Shower

The Mira Advance Electric Shower is one of the new electric showers to have been awarded the BEAB CARE mark for safety, awarded as if the shower ever rises above a pre-set level – it turns off automatically, providing peace of mind for the full family. It’s also a very powerful shower, providing an excellent showering experience. It’s incredibly resilient to lime scale, has a two year guarantee and has one of the longest lifespan of any electric shower.

Mira Advance Electric Shower 8.7Kw Std - 1.1785.001

Triton Aspirante Wireless Electric Shower

This revolutionary shower from Triton, uses the very latest in wireless showering technology to provide both a stylish and high performance package. The contemporary shower control panel, communicates with a remote power pack without using any cables. The remote can be anywhere in or out of the showering area – the water is then heated in the unit before being supplied through the showerhead via through the ceiling riser rail.

Triton Aspirante Wireless 10.5kW Electric Shower (Chrome) - ASP3CHR10SIWL

Gainsborough Stanza Electric Shower

The Stanza is another shower which gains five star reviews from our customers. It combines the latest technology to provide practicality, performance and convenience. A push button start/stop is controlled by a single dial, which controls both flow rate and temperature. There’s no need for other controls as Gainsborough ‘Spray Control’ feature takes care of the rest. Spray control automatically optimises the shower head according to the water pressure entering the shower, expanding and contracting to deliver the best showering experience.

Gainsborough Stanza 8.5kW Electric Shower (Gloss White) - 98-221-010

Electric Showers at the Shower Doctor

If you have any questions about the above products, please do just get in touch. Alternatively, to view our full range of discounted Electric Showers – click here.

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