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Power Showers are some of our most popular products here at The Shower Doctor, and they are the perfect addition to bathrooms large and small – delivering a reliable, great shower experience.

Why use a Power Shower?

As mentioned, Power Showers deliver a reliable, strong showering experience. A Power Shower works by combining both hot and cold water to create the right temperature, this is usually thermostatically controlled for safety. They are most useful for homes with a low water pressure, boosting the water internally means they can deliver more water through the shower head than non-pumped showers.

How much do Power Showers Cost?

As with any product, the price brackets vary. The cheapest Power Shower we supply is £163.19, whilst the most expensive stands at £531.50. Performance across the range does vary, however most Power Showers can deliver 14 litres of water a minute – which certainly delivers a satisfactory showering experience!

Shower Doctor’s Best Selling Power Showers

Below we run through five of our bestselling Power Showers Online, all of which receive five star reviews from our customers.

Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic Power Shower

This ‘Budget’ Power Shower is our number one best seller. Triton have long been the industry leaders in power showers, and regardless whether this shower is hooked up to a gravity fed system, or a low water pressure system – this shower delivers excellent flow rates and a brilliant showering experience. Simple to operate and highly adaptable, it continues to be a favourite.  (Click on the shower image to view on our website).

Bristan Hydropower 1000XT Thermostatic Power Shower

We are proud to offer a 35% discount on the Bristan Hydropower 1000XT. Supplied with an industry leading two years guarantee, this shower combines excellent reliability with showering performance. Review from our customers include: ‘Superb Power Shower’ ‘Excellent Replacement Power Shower’ and ‘Easy to Use, and a Lovely Power Shower’. (Click on the shower image to view on our website).

Mira Vigour Thermostatic Power Shower

At this price, it’s the perfect combination of value and high performance, with a minimum flow rate of 14 litres. It also has a one year guarantee, alongside separate flor and temperature controls – there’s also a maximum temperature stop for added safety.

Supajet 100 Power Shower

Again providing an excellent combination of value and performance, the Supajet features a mains voltage pump and as such flow rate can be specified from a very economical 4.5 litres a minute, right across to a very luxurious 16 litres per minute. There’s separate flow and temperature controls, and a maximum temperature stop for safety.

Aqualisa Aquastream Thermo Mixer Shower

One of our longstanding products, the Aquastream continues to stand the test of time against its rivals. An incredibly effective shower for use in low water pressure households, its integrated booster pumps works brilliantly. As you would expect there are a number of configurations, including an Eco Spray Pattern which reduces water usage by 25%. All of this showers fixtures and fitting are external, so it is incredibly easy to fit.

If you have any questions about any of these products, please do get in touch. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Power Showers here.

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