Best Selling Gainsborough Showers

At the Shower Doctor, alongside supplying the most comprehensive range of shower spares available online, we also stock and supply a range of new showers from manufacturers who we know and trust. Gainsborough are an important part of this range, producing great quality electric showers and mixer showers - at incredibly low price points.

The latest showers from Gainsborough benefit from over 40 years of shower industry experience, and all offer fantastic levels of reliability and quality. Part of the Aqualisa Group, Gainsborough’s mission is to make buying a shower quick, simple, and painless. Their showers are sold as replacements for older units, as well as new showers in new and refurbished bathrooms.

All of their showers are also delivered with a fantastic guarantee, which takes the worry out of buying such an important household item. In this article, we look at a couple of Gainsborough's best selling models, as well as some of their most recent additions to the range.

Gainsborough 8.5 Se Electric Shower in White

This budget shower, available at just over £75 combines all of the performance and practicality, that one would expect from Gainsborough. Gaining universal five star reviews from all of our customers, this shower remains one of the best value on the marketplace. It’s operated by a simple push button start stop, and a single dial controls both flow rate and temperature.

Innovative technology ensures that water temperature is automatically adjusted to mains water supply temperature, as well as maintaining an even spray pattern.

Gainsborough SE 8.5kW Electric Shower (Gloss White)

Gainsborough SE 10.5Kw Electric Shower

Sharing the same technology and platform as the above shower, this 10.5Kw shower is a more powerful version. It remains reliable, easy to use and safe to use thanks to an anti-scald device. This shower represents the ultimate in economy, practicality and convenience.

Gainsborough SE 10.5kW Electric Shower (Gloss White)

Gainsborough CSE 8.5kW Electric Shower in Satin Chrome

This Satin Chrome Shower combines Gainsborough's quality and reliability, alongside a stylish new finish of Satin Chrome which looks fantastic in any style of bathroom. This shower is operated by a push button start/stop and a single dial controls flow rate, alongside temperature.

This model also features spray control, which maintains an even spray pattern alongside adjusting incoming mains water supply.

Gainsborough CSE 8.5kW Electric Shower (Satin Chrome)

Gainsborough Ambassador Mixer Shower Kit

Gainsborough do not just design and manufacture power showers either, they also manufacture an excellent range of mixer showers. The Ambassador thermostatic mixer valve, is easy to use - with easy to use on and off controls, alongside equally easy to use temperature controls. All are limescale resistant, and can be used with most approved water systems.

Gainsborough Ambassador Exposed/Recessed High Pressure Thermostatic Mixer with Shower Kit

Gainsborough Showers Online

At the Shower Doctor, our purchasing teams have worked hard to discount the full range of Gainsborough Showers - with excellent discounts being available across the range. You can view the full range of Gainsborough Showers across our site, and as always - if you have any questions about the collection, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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