Best selling Mira showers from the full Mira range

Mira is one of our bestselling shower brands here at The Shower Doctor. A UK manufacturer, Mira design and manufacture almost every type of shower, from mixer showers to digital showers, as well as power showers and electric showers. The wide range of showers within the Mira range means that there is a shower to suit all households, as well as all budgets. All of these showers combine value, quality – as well as style. Below, we run through some of our best sellers, from each of the different ranges.

Mira Mixer Showers

Mira Mixer showers operate by drawing hot and cold water from your homes water supply. Both are then combined to provide the perfect temperature. Mira mixer showers are the UK’s most powerful, delivering up to three times more water flow, even at low pressure.
The Mira Agile is our bestselling Mira mixer shower. Expertly designed, this shower delivers a powerful and invigorating showering experience. Boasting Magni-flow technology, this shower has a unique internal water path – delivering excellent water pressure and showering experience. Usually, this shower retails at £311.40, and we offer this shower at just £199.99.

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Mira Digital Showers

Just like mixer showers, digital showers draw water from your homes hot and cold water supplies. That is however, where the similarities stop. Mira digital showers are absolutely jam packed with technology, which provides a luxury showering experience, and unparalleled levels of control over water flow, and temperature.
By far the best seller within this range is the Mira Platinum digital mixer with overhead. It’s a shower which receives excellent feedback from all of our customers, and is packed with innovative features and a luxury, overhead shower head as well as hand unit.
This shower usually retails at £1,105.20, and we supply this shower at just £714.70.

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Mira Electric Showers

Electric showers operate by taking water from your cold water supply, heating it up by passing it over a built in heating element. Electric showers are some of the most popular types of shower in multi bathroom households, as there’s no worry of using all of the homes hot water up! Mira have developed a pioneering technology, which ensures that their electric showers last up to 50% longer than similar models from other manufacturers.
By far the most popular Mira electric shower is the Advance. It provides a safe, reliable and stylish showering option, and has been thoughtfully designed – so is excellent for use by all the family. Usually, this shower retails at £454.80, and we offer this shower at just £299.99.

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Mira Power Showers

Power showers mix water from both hot and cold water suppliers, until the desired temperature is reached. They are suitable option for low pressure systems, which have access to plenty of hot water. Mira power showers all use an integrated pump to increase water pressure and flow. They are available in either manual, or thermostatic options.
The Mira Vigour thermostatic power shower is our most popular power shower from Mira. It provides the perfect blend between performance and price point, and can deliver up to 14 litres per minute.
This shower usually retails at £309.60, and we have discounted that price by 35% to bring it to market at just £199.96.

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Mira Showers at the Shower Doctor

At The Shower Doctor, we enjoy an excellent relationship with Mira, who has grown into one of our biggest suppliers. Their excellent quality products, innovative designs as well as the exclusive pricing they offer us, cement Mira as a firm favourite here in the office, and with our customers. To view the full Mira shower range, visit this link:

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