Best Shower Pumps: Our Best Sellers

It doesn’t matter how great your shower or bathroom is, if water isn’t reaching your bathroom at a high enough pressure, the result will be a poor bathroom experience – be it an unsatisfactory shower or a slow filling bath. Whether you want to increase water pressure to just a shower, or your entire bathroom – we have a number of pumps available which can do exactly that. All of our shower pumps are sourced from leading manufacturers, such as Salamander, Mira and Grundfos. There’s a simple test you can carry out to see if you would benefit from a shower pump, run both the hot and cold taps – if the cold tap is higher pressure than the hot, a pump would equalise the two, raising the hot water pressure.
Below are our five bestselling shower pumps, and some new releases to look out for.

Salamander ESP50CPV Shower Pump

This pump is designed specifically to provide increased water pressure to one or two bathrooms, it’s effective in boosting baths, basins and showers. It’s a centrifugal pump and can work continuously. The RRP of this product is £617.40 and we supply this pump at £277.84 including VAT.

Salamander 2.6 Bar Twin Head Bathroom Pump

This pump is the bestselling pump we have from Salamander’s CT range. Designed specifically to meet increasing water demands in bathrooms and en-suites, this twin ended pump quietly and efficiency increases both hot and cold water supplies to showers, baths, basins, toilets and appliances. Typically, this pump will refill your toilet cistern in double quick time. This pump usually retails at £316.72, and we supply it at £183.68 – a 42% saving.

Mira 1.5 Bar Twin Ended Shower Pump

This pump is incredibly powerful, and simultaneously boosts both hot and cold water to your bathroom and shower. Features of this pump include push fit connectors a built in flow switch for automatic operation. It works hard to generate over thirty litres per minute, is easy to install and is guaranteed for two years.

Grundfos 6.0 Bar Amazon Extra Universal Single Pump

This pump is ideal for domestic and commercial properties with over four bathrooms, including sports clubs and leisure centres – its power makes it ideal for increasing water pressure to multiple shower heads. This pump increases the pressure across both hot and cold water and is incredibly quiet. The pump runs up to 6 bar. The RRP of this pump is £1,138.55 whilst we supply this product at £853.91 including VAT.

Latest Shower & Bathroom Pumps

Whilst the above all provide excellent performance and are very popular with our customer base, the shower pump industry has been shaken up by Salamanders release of the ‘Right Pump’ range. These pumps have been engineered over the last five years, and provide the quietest, most effective and reliable performance available. They are suitable for use in gravity fed systems, and positive head and universal models are both available. You can view the full range here.

Salamander Right Pump RP50PT

This pump is the quietest in the UK, and effectively boost both hot and cold water supplies to showers, baths, basins and toilets in gravity fed systems. The RRP of this pump is £317.45 and our price is just £184.15 including VAT.

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