BMA chooses 2015 charity

When you think of potential accidents in the bathroom, you tend to imagine slips in the bathtub and trips from the shower cubicle, or even small children accessing medical supplies or cleaning products. But hot water can also be the cause of some very serious mishaps.
Figures from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) show that 11,500 adults are hospitalised every year as a result of water-related burns. More worryingly, scalding sends 40,000 children a year to accident and emergency departments across the UK.
That's why the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) has chosen the Children's Burns Trust to be its nominated charity for 2015 in the hope of raising both money and awareness of the issue.
"Anyone can get scalded in an instant and their lives can be changed forever," said BMA chief executive Yvonne Orgill. "Youngsters are the most vulnerable and the CBT does a wonderful job. We are really pleased to be able to support them."
The organisation - which was created as an independent forum for bathroom manufacturers trading in the UK to discuss and debate matters of mutual interest - is one of several bodies supporting the CBT's latest campaign Hot Water Burns Like Fire.
Its aim is to promote the use of thermostatic devices, which limit the water temperature in the home to a safe level. In newly built homes, it is now a legal requirement to limit bathing outlet temperatures to 48 degrees celsius using such gadgets, which are inexpensive and can prevent serious accidents and save lives.
The BMA will be raising money for the Children's Burns Trust throughout the year ahead, and is making a start by asking its staff to donate to the charity instead of sending one another Christmas cards - a trend that has really taken off in recent years as families tire of sending greetings to an ever-growing list of people.

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