Choosing a shower for a small bathroom

Small Bathrooms can throw up many different challenges. It’s often difficult to envisage how best to optimise and design a bathroom – which looks great and provides the best possible performance from its appliances.  So whether you are looking for the best shower for your main bathroom, or a new shower for your ensuite, you have come to the right place.
In this article we will share with you some of our experiences and recommendations for the best shower and enclosure for the smaller bathroom.

Choose the right Shower Enclosure

Firstly, decide where your shower is going to go. Take advantage of corners and recesses to place your shower enclosure. These corners are perfect for quadrant and square shower units. Alternatively, if your bathroom is an awkward shape, then a D shaped enclosure will provide the perfect combination of space saving and space for an enjoyable shower.  One of our best-selling shower trays/enclosures is the MX Abs Stone Resin Radius Tray, which provides the perfect space saving foundation for your shower.
MX Abs Stone Resin Radius Tray

Choose your Bathroom Configuration

If you are looking for the best shower for your main bathroom – then you have a number of options available. If your bathroom has a bath, you can remove and replace the bath and install a more substantial walk in shower unit, you can read about this subject here, in another one of our posts.
Alternatively, if you have a shower enclosure and a bath, but don’t want to replace the bath – then you could remove your shower enclosure, free up space and choose a shower which is over your bath.
The two above options are brilliant for space saving. However, if budget permits…

Create a Wet Room

One of the reasons Wet Rooms are so popular is that they are brilliant space savers for small bathrooms. The main way wet rooms differ to ‘standard’ bathrooms is that the entire room is waterproof, so there’s no need for shower enclosures which take up valuable floor space. In our experience, big, luxurious overhead shower heads work best in a wet room.
The best value of which in our opinion is the Crosswater Glide Square Shower Head.
Crosswater Glide Square Shower Head

Overhead Shower

Overhead showers are either fixed to the ceiling or the wall. As well as being really stylish they are perfect for smaller bathrooms, often combined with concealed shower valves and fittings – they add a sleek and contemporary look to any bathroom. Overhead showers usually have large heads too, meaning an ultra-luxurious shower experience.
A great looking, contemporary Shower Head is the Hudson Reed Ultra-Thin Fixed Shower Head.
Shower Head is the Hudson Reed Ultra-Thin Fixed Shower Head

Electric Shower

Simple to install and incredibly reliable, electric showers heat their own water supply – so even if your boiler fails, you can still enjoy a hot shower. These showers are perfectly suited for use in small bathrooms, over baths and in shower enclosures. As an added bonus, they are very easy to install. One of our favourite (and most heavily discounted) showers is the Mira Escape Electric Shower with Shower Kit.
Mira Escape Electric Shower with Shower Kit

Slider Rail Kit

A Slider Rail Kit is perfect for use over baths and in tight shower enclosures. They are very easy to install and work with all types of showers. One of the biggest advantages of this kit in small bathrooms is that providing your water pressure is good enough – it can simply be used with a bath shower mixer tap and a bath screen. Providing you with a high performance, efficient and space saving shower.
One of our most popular slider rail kits comes from Vado in its Multi-function Space Shower handset.
Multi-function  Space Shower handset
If you have any tips, comments or questions about creating a brilliant small bathroom – then please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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