Commercial Showers: Best Sellers from The Shower Doctor

If you run a business or organisation, then you understand how important reliability is. Whether it’s your staff, your suppliers or your equipment – you need confidence in their ability to consistently perform, helping you run with minimal downtime. That’s exactly what these commercial showers are designed to do, all have been designed and manufactured with the aim of providing an excellent showering experience, which is reliably delivered. Meaning no downtime, and no maintenance.

We sell commercial showers into organisations of all shapes and sizes, from the SME who need a new shower room because they have introduced a bike to work scheme, right across to gyms and schools which kit out entire shower rooms for their staff/pupils. Another vital factor in commercial showering is safety, and commercial showers need to provide a safe – thermostatically measured showering temperature which often can be controlled by the facility.

Choosing a commercial shower system can be a difficult choice and our team of experts are on hand to take not of your unique requirements, before delivering a commercial showering solution with products from the leading manufacturers, at the very lowest prices. Below are our top three selling commercial shower products:

Reliance shower panel – Touch sensitive, thermostatic with timeflow

The Reliance range of shower panels are undoubtedly our bestselling commercial showers. They offer reliability, simplicity and performance in a single package and are operated by touch. All internal pipe connections are made out of copper, to avoid bacteria which can be found in rubber hoses – they are completely prefabricated, reducing installation time and making them ideal for retrofitting to cover old installation holes.
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Inta commercial shower panel with single entry flow control – Vandal resistant

The Inta range of commercial shower panels are specifically designed for use in high demand areas, such as prisons, schools and sports facilities and as such are: constructed of high grade stainless steel, have concealed fixings, pre plumbed fittings, a fully serviceable panel and are completely vandal resistant. They also provide strong showering performance and a modern design.
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Reliance shower panel – Exposed slimline grey

This low profile shower is excellent for shower rooms of all sizes, and we have sold a number of these into schools. Its design ensures it fights tight to the wall – maximising showering space, it’s easy to operate and its advanced internal mechanisms have been designed with both performance and longevity in mind. It also saves up to 60% of water consumption compared to standard showers and is supplied with Biocare foam gaskets to stop water ingress.
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Commercial showers at The Shower Doctor

Supplying both the trade and end users, we are proud to supply a large collection of commercial showers and commercial shower controls. As mentioned earlier in this post, we are experts in all aspects of commercial showers – so if you are an architect or a plumber needing advance on these systems, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.To view our full range of Commercial Showers – Click here. 

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