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If like thousands of people you struggle, or someone in your household struggles with being mobile enough to enjoy a safe showering experience, then there are a number of products, dedicated to helping you provide a safe, and satisfying showering experience.

At the Shower Doctor, we supply customers all over the UK with these products, all of which have been handpicked from the leading shower brands, because of their excellent design, value for money and reliability.

Disability Showers

All of the main shower manufacturers now create their own disability/access showers. All of the components of which have been specially designed to create an easy, and safe showering experience - allowing the users of these showers to retain their independence.

Examples of features include contrasting colours on the panel, so users can instinctively control their shower - audible bleeps to denote changes in pressure and temperature, enlarged buttons for ease of use, as well as thermostatic control which carefully maintains a stable temperature. Once these buttons are turned off, these showers gradually cool down - preventing either too much cold, or hot water being delivered.

If you have any questions about choosing the right disability shower, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Below is our best selling disability shower, the Mira Advance ATL, which has been discounted by 35%.


Shower Seats

Shower Seats provide an incredibly stable platform to sit upon when showering. Whether you need the seat all the time, or just would benefit from it’s occasion use - they are an excellent addition to any shower and are crucial in making a shower more user friendly and most importantly, safe.

Below is one of our favourite models, Simpsons Square Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Shower Seat, which has been discounted by 20%.


Shower Grab Bar

A Shower Grab Bar is another piece of safety equipment that provides complete peace of mind with a showering experience. They can be used when getting in, and out of the shower or simply in the shower and used whenever needed. There are a huge range available, with chrome options making these bars a contemporary, stylish addition to a bathroom.

One of our favourites is from Homestyle, and is called the Ascot. This bar also has a handy basket within it for storing soaps etc. It’s discounted by 25% on our website.


Walk in Shower Enclosures

The clue is in the name with these, they are quite simply shower enclosures which you can walk into. They are perfect for the elderly, and less mobile and often are chosen to replace bath showers - which can be tricky to enter. One of our best sellers is the Premier Walk in Enclosure.


Disability Showers & Systems at the Shower Doctor


If you would like to know any more information about our access showers, products or enclosures - please do just get in touch. Our offices are staffed by experts in their field, and they can offer all the advice you would ever need.

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