Disability Showers: Shower Doctor Best Sellers & Advice

How do Disability Showers Work?

Disability showers operate in the same way that power showers and electric showers operate, with a number of additional features – designed specifically for both safety and ease of operation. These features can include contrasting colours on the control panel, for maximum ease of use and safe operation. Larger buttons, to again increase ease of use, alongside audio feedback for changes in settings and temperatures.

These showers are universally protected by thermostats, which help maintain a safe showering temperature. Once the off button is pressed, these showers gradually cool down, flushing the hot water out of the system – preventing any rapid change in temperature.

The disability showers market is dominated by Mira and Triton, who have developed an excellent safety and performance record in this field. Below are our best sellers.

Top Selling Disability Showers

Mira Advance 8.7kW Electric Shower

Although not marketed as a Disability Shower, this Mira Advance Electric Shower shares a lot of the safety functionality with Disability Showers. It’s safe and precise, which means you can enjoy your shower with complete peace of mind. For example, if the shower temperature rises above a certain level – the shower cuts off automatically. It’s one of the only showers which have been awarded the BEAB CARE mark for safety. It’s easy to use, turns off safely – without risk of scalding and comes with a two year guarantee.

Mira Advance Electric Shower 8.7Kw Std - 1.1785.001

Triton Safeguard+ Grab 8.5kW Disability Electric Shower

This shower is packed with excellent safety and functionality features. They include a helpful visual contrast with a soft grey control area, which is illuminated. Accurate temperature control which regulated temperatures by a single degree, it also has audible feedback and different surfaces. There’s also an easy to use remote.

Triton Safeguard+ Grab 8.5kW Disability Electric Shower with Remote (White)

Triton Safeguard+ Pumped Care 8.5kW Disabled Electric Shower

Featuring all of the safety and functionality features you would expect from a care shower, this shower meets BEAB CARE requirements, and has RNIB accreditation for extra safety assurances, which includes an internal pump for unreliable and low water pressures. As well as large, easy to use buttons and dials, it also has an audible control option and a 2 metre hose, which allows users to shower either stood up or sat down. It also has an easy to use remote control.

Triton Safeguard+ Pumped Care 8.5kW Disabled Electric Shower (White/Grey)

Disability Showers at the Shower Doctor

At the Shower Doctor, we supply a wide range of Disability Showers to both trade and end user customers. If you have any questions about disability showers, or your unique set of requirements – please do just get in touch. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Disability Showers here.

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