Feel the force of a power shower

There is little better in life than the perfect shower, and when it comes to energy efficiency, power is the only way to go. Perfect for people who want something that is not extortionately priced, yet is practical and stylish. The best option for all three demands is to choose a power shower like the Triton AS2000XT.

This thermostatic power shower is perfect for houses that suffer from low water pressure. Utilising the internal pump means that this power shower is specifically designed to be used on properties that have a gravity fed water supply

Up to 75% of UK homes are said to be on this form of water supply, and often the houses that really suffer with bad pressure are situated on top of a hill or slope. In periods of extreme drought, these properties will be the first to lose their water supply completely.


The internal pump within the power shower works to increase the strength of the water, meaning that the trickle that once was your shower will return with full force. Just adjust the temperature and it is good to go, with no fiddly set up needed.

Whilst this modern piece of equipment has all the benefits of easy showering, there is more to the Triton than just being effective. It can suit any style of bathroom, cuts water costs in the long run and saves time because it provides a good standard of water. No more waiting for the pressure to build up before you can wash!

Making a decision to change an aspect of your bathroom can be difficult and confusing. The cost, too many products and disruption can all be factors that put people off. With The Shower Doctor, you never need to worry about the cost, because we have the best prices in the business and provide peace of mind with our seven day guarantee.


Selecting the perfect power shower is not an easy decision, but if your property suffers from a lack of water pressure then the best choice to make is the Triton AS2000XT.

There is a wide variety of power showers that are available on the market, with some resulting in a raise of bills due to expended energy; ironically, this was one issue that they were created to prevent. This is not the case with the Triton. It contains a maximum temperature stop to reduce the risk of the water temperature getting too high and costing a lot of money, or worse.

Customers describe it as “fantastic”, “very reliable and gave me twelve years of daily use without any hassle” and at a “competitive price”. The Triton AS2000XT has worked from them, so don’t suffer low shower pressure any longer. Try it today!

This product also comes with a one year guarantee from The Shower Doctor to ensure that the quality is always top notch. In fact, The Shower Doctor have everything you need to increase the water pressure in your property, and can advise how to approach the situation. Just call 0131 538 4343. 

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