Getting creative in the shower

Taking a shower during the working day can result in you being more productive and creative at your job, according to new research.

The study, conducted by shower manufacturer Mira, found that 42 per cent of people got more done after stepping under a blast of water at work, while one-third also consider themselves to be more creative after washing away the cobwebs.

"I found that showering gave me some peace and quiet; being away from the ringing phones in the office was great for mulling over ideas. I even came up with a great new TV ad idea for one of our clients while I was in there," said one respondent - who worked at a creative agency - to Mira's survey.

The bathroom organisation claims that taking a shower is the ideal problem-solving break, allowing you to get away by yourself to focus on the tasks at hand without being distracted.

When you think about it, it kind of makes a lot of sense. After all, how many of us have had brainwaves in the shower before? It's probably happened to everyone at one time or another, so there's no reason why we can't harness this and take full advantage of the shower's inspirational qualities.

To get their findings, Mira researchers asked a group of employees from four different organisations to take at least one 'shower break' per day while in the workplace over a period of eight weeks. They were then required to fill out two questionnaires every day to describe how they were feeling.

While this might sound a little bonkers, the results speak for themselves - however, whether it will convince more companies to encourage this routine on their time is another matter.

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