Happy National Bathtub Day!

Believe it or not, today (October 7th) is National Bathtub Day - which of course is a great excuse to appreciate everything you love about yours.

In the age-old argument of showers versus baths, it has to be the latter that wins out today. 

One of the things we really love about having a soak is the choices on offer to let the occasion suit your mood. Whether you want to have music on and the lights down low, or read a book by candlelight - a bath can be the absolute epitome of relaxation.

Similarly, there's also so many options when it comes to what goes into your bath. Oils, bubble bath, bath bombs - the sky's the limit!

The bath has its own unique place in pop culture as well. From Psycho to Nightmare on Elm Street and Lethal Weapon 2, the bath can be a place of excitement, horror and downright sillyness.

Remember never to neglect your bath, though - and regularly carrying out maintenance like cleaning and taking steps to keep the plughole clear without damaging the plumbing are two essential factors you need to consider in order to ensure your bath is always in prime condition.

At The Shower Doctor, we stock plenty of bathtub accessories, so don't forget to check out our bath seats, tidys and shelves - to name but a few - if you fancy sprucing up this part of your home.

On further inspection, it turns out that there are quite a few national appreciation days dedicated to our favourite room. So whether you're a fan of National Read in the Bathtub Day (February 9th), National Bubble Bath Day (January 8th) or even National Bathtub Party Day (December 5th), make sure you get them all in your diary - we know we will!

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