How often do you take a shower?

There's no doubt many people have different attitudes to personal hygiene, as there is no hard and fast rule over how many times it is appropriate to take a shower. 

Some people prefer to wash more than once a day - and we've all been in a position where we might have skipped the odd day here and there for whatever reason. 

However, new research from LateRooms reveals that on average, UK adults go a total of 111 days per year without washing at all - the equivalent of more than three months. 

A degree of regional variations were established, with residents of the south-west taking the fewest showers per year with an average of 208. The cleanest people in the UK are the Welsh, who average 251 showers per year. 

It is not simply the case that people take more baths than might be expected, as 35 per cent of respondents said they only have around four baths per year, with a further 47 per cent conceding two of these are in hotels when they are kicking back on holiday. 

Some 75 per cent of the nation have both a bath and a shower in the bathroom, but baths are generally considered a luxury for when the person feels like some 'me time'. 

LateRooms spokeswoman Andrea Tarpey said: "According to these new statistics, the average time Brits spend soaking in a tub of hot water is 20 minutes." 

"Almost a quarter of the UK (24 per cent) admits that even when plunged into a relaxing bubble bath they can't resist using their smartphone to check up on social media and texts," she continued. 

It was specified that showers are generally preferred for their speed and convenience. But what's your preference? And how regularly do you shower? 

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