How safe is your bathroom?

Is your plumbing and heating system up to scratch? Does it perform as well as it should be doing?

These are the kind of questions the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE) are posing to consumers as part of a new survey that is aiming to gather information on the matter.

The body has put together a short questionnaire designed to engage customers and encourage them to take the correct course of action if they do have problems with their water systems.

At the end of the quiz, participants are given tips on what they should consider when commissioning plumbing and heating work.

The idea is that this campaign will raise awareness of the risks associated with using 'cowboy' tradespeople, while also helping consumers to recognise when they might need maintenance carried out on their systems.

CIPHE operations manager Danny Davis said: "We know from feedback from members that they have to carry out a lot of rectification work. Some of this is through botched DIY jobs or using an unqualified, or inexperienced plumber in the first place. In some cases, this has caused a health hazard."

Mr Davis added that health and safety was an important issue the organisation was trying to get more people involved in.

The CIPHE has previously championed the matter by organising several similar campaigns, with one of the most recent ones focusing on the dangers of scalding.

Hot Water Burns Like Fire ran in association with National Burn Awareness Day on October 22nd, with the body highlighting how the implementation of features like thermostatic mixing valves can make a significant difference when avoiding such incidents in the home.

Similarly, CIPHE is encouraging members of the public to hire a local plumber from its list of accredited professionals to avoid being caught out by rogue traders.

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