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At The Shower Doctor, we're always happy to help in any way we can. Whether that be recommending the best course of action for creating the desired effect in your bathroom or guiding you on what repairs a faulty shower unit could need, we want you to leave us with a warm, happy feeling inside.

Our commitment to excellence speaks for itself - out of over 11,000 Trustpilot reviews, we achieved an average score of 9.7 out of 10. You can read some of the complimentary comments left by some of our previous customers at any time by clicking on the banner at the top of our website.

"Ordered online after reading accurate description of product with excellent photos. Expected up to two-day delivery but it arrived next day well-packed and accurately addressed. Item exactly as expected and was fitted and working inside a minute," said Mr J Walsh, following a recent order, while John Mcluckie was another satisfied patron, saying we offered "excellent fast service and delivery".

However, our support isn't just limited to what you see on our webpage - as the following story demonstrates.

The client

Aspect is an organisation that specialises in property maintenance around London. 

In its own words, it offers "friendly, award-winning customer service" that spans across plumbing and electricians to gas engineers and decorators. It offers 24-hour assistance to its clients and promises to tackle all of their needs regarding the condition of their home or office - fixing anything from a broken tap to a dodgy roof tile.

As a result, they sometimes find their professionals getting called out on jobs that there may be more to than meets the eye, which is where The Shower Doctor comes in.

The problem

For years, a common challenge that Aspect's tradesmen came up against involved shower repairs - with mixer showers becoming a particular bugbear.

The reason why this side of the business was so difficult wasn't because they couldn't diagnose what was wrong with them - it was identifying the shower itself and its parts, and then trying to source a stockist.

With an increasing number of shower valves being imported from abroad, without any specific brand names or markings being displayed on them, plumbers have a tough job on their hands in distinguishing exactly what they are dealing with. currently employs 17 professionals to deal with these kind of problems, with each one expected to be called out to up to five jobs per day. As a result, a quick turnaround is essential to ensure that the company's promise of top-quality service isn't broken. 

Inevitably, this can prove to be problematic when the tradesperson can't get hold of the part they need because they don't know what they're looking for.

This time around, the unit in question was a shower cartridge, leaving them scratching their heads over what to do next.

The solution

Step forward The Shower Doctor's 'Identify My Shower' service.

This ingenious solution ensures that such a problem is a thing of the past for many plumbers. In the case of Aspect, they were able to use their smartphones to photograph the side and front of the cartridge, as well as the unit it sat within, before sending it off to our specialists.

They can then work to identify exactly what part - or parts - are needed, with the aim of getting back to whoever contacted them within a 24-hour period. However, sometimes it can only take a matter of hours before we are able to respond with an answer.

Additionally, we are usually able to provide what's needed as well - tapping into our extensive supply network, if necessary, to source it.

How can we recognise the part when others can't? If an unrecognised mixer shower valve has no external markings, that’s not a problem for us because normally the components inside are common to other shower valves - so if we can see the actual faulty part, we can usually source those regardless.  

For plumbers and engineers, shower cartridges are the hardest to identify - especially as some are so similar. However, that’s where our decades of experience come in. We have a huge image library of identified cartridges that we can work from when we receive a picture.

The staff at Aspect now have direct contact with one of our specialists and regularly email snaps of showers and their parts, so that we can keep on helping them.

What Aspect had to say about us

When we spoke to Amber Russell, Aspect's senior trade assistant, she was extremely positive when talking about her experience with us.

"The only way we could identify the shower cartridge - or anything that we needed - was to send pictures to The Shower Doctor. They would then come back with the product that we needed in order to fix the job," she said.

"It's easy. The communication between us and them is always flowing, so the answers we need come quickly. It's just great, the service is great, everything about it is great. One of the managers is always in contact straight away and it's a really good service."

But don't just take our customers' words for it - if you've not already tried out our 'Identify My Shower' solution, then why not give it a go? It could save you a massive headache!

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