How The Shower Doctor helped the Sands Hotel

At the Shower Doctor, we pride ourselves on always trying to go the extra mile to help out our customers. 

But don't just take our word for it! The latest example of our desire to support our clients to achieve their aims comes from Blackpool, at the Sands Hotel.

Owners Moe and Jimmy bought the property in November 2007 and have spent more than six years turning it into a venue they feel they can be proud of. 

Throughout this time, they've carried out extensive modernisation and renovation work, and one of the problems they have encountered centred around their shower systems.

The units are a mixture of gas and electric models, which meant there was no standard solution when it came to repairing or replacing them - and this is where we came in.

The problem - and the solution

One of the main challenges for Moe and Jimmy in their renovation work was being able to stick to a tight budget. Having already invested in the hotel itself, the amount of repairs and replacements threatened to derail their financial plans completely, unless they were able to find some way to reel the costs in.

"The hotel was a big outlay for us and so from the beginning we had to be very careful with our budgeting, particularly since the rooms were not ready for paying guests," Moe says.

"Buying new showers for every room was not an option, which is where The Shower Doctor came to our rescue. We were able to repair and restore our showers rather than stretching our budget for new showers in every room."

Of course, helping our clients to recondition their units, instead of buying new ones, is one of the main services we offer. We understand that not everyone can afford to replace numerous faulty showers, particularly those that operate in the hotel sector, where the cost of a refurbishment of their entire facilities could run into thousands of pounds.

As well as our Shower and Pump Repair Service, which enables customers to send broken units in for us to mend and send back, we also offer those who feel comfortable with trying to do the job themselves handy tips and advice via our YouTube channel.

It's a resource that proved to be invaluable to the Sands Hotel, as Moe explains:

"Jimmy is a competent DIYer and can tackle most jobs himself, but when he has had difficulties in the past he has taken advantage of The Shower Doctor's excellent "How To" video guides, so that even the more tricky tasks were completed relatively easily."

This, combined with the ability to source spare parts at affordable prices, ensured Moe and Jimmy were able to carry out all the work they needed to, without spending more than they had to.

Positive feedback

Since the work has been completed, the Sands Hotel has already been reaping the benefits.

Moe says: "Any problems with our bathrooms are a fast-track route to receiving bad reviews and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction levels, so things like the shower have to be in perfect working order."

You only have to look at some of the recent reviews for the hotel on TripAdvisor to see that high quality showers not only limit the chances of negative feedback being posted, but can also be the inspiration a visitor needs to go to the website and tell other potential guests of their good experience.

One reviewer, Chris H from Aberdeen, said: "It was a lovely stay ... The shower was wonderful and there was always plenty of hot water ... Give it a try, you will not be disappointed."

We recently posted a blog of our own about the importance of a good hotel shower and how, if the establishment gets it wrong, it can really leave a negative impact on the overall stay - no matter how enjoyable the rest of a guest's time there was. 

However, the opposite also seems to be true and, just like Moe and Jimmy, investing in your waterworks can really pay off dividends.

So, would they recommend our service to others? See for yourself: 

"We have been using The Shower Doctor for years and will absolutely continue to do so. We also suggest using them to other individuals and businesses in our area.

"They don't try to sell us new showers and they always do their best to get our existing showers running like new. The service is excellent, their knowledge is the best and they deliver to us the next day! In our industry, this really makes a difference."

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