How to Deep Clean your Bathroom – 5 Methods

How clean are bathrooms? Well according to University of Arizona’s professor of microbiology Charles Gerba, without going into too much detail, pretty germy. However we are on hand to help, with these tips and cleaning hacks you can have your bathroom sparkling clean in no time.


Grout is porous and highly susceptible to bacteria growth, but it can be cleaned very easily. To clean grout get an old toothbrush or a grout brush, and mix bleach with bicarb to make a perfect grout scrubber. Another good way to get rid of dirty grout would be to use a grout reviver which restores grout to a bright white.


Toothpaste marks? Hair product overspray? The sink can take a beating and hold a lot of bacteria; however you can get it back to itself in no time. By using all-purpose bathroom cleaners you can remove surface deposits of grime, however to tackle the more hardened deposits use abrasive or soft scrub cleaners. Making your own soft-scrub cleaner is easy and allows you to dodge the often hefty price tags, plus it only requires three ingredients!

  • Baking Soda
  • Castile Soap
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Give these three a mix and you have yourself a soft-scrub that can tackle even the most stubborn bathroom grime.

Shower and Tub

Over time, bathroom products can take away the shining surfaces of your shower and bathtub. To revive, spray the shower and tub with some all purpose cleaner and leave it to stand for a while, leaving it stand allows the product to dissolve oils resulting in less elbow grease needed later on.

After letting the spray stand it’s time to get scrubbing, use abrasive pads to remove any deposits in the bath or on the shower floor. A cleaning toothbrush can do a good job at getting any corners clean. Now just rinse and you’re all done.  If your shower enclosure or bath has tiles around it that are always getting dirty, why not consider replacing your tiles with wall panels, they can add great colour to your bathroom and are really easy to fit. Also consider purchasing some new sealant to give your bathroom a newly cleaned bathroom an extra dash of white.  Remember, if your bathroom gets steamed up easily, providing a great habitat for mould, it may be time to get a new extractor fan.


Cleaning the toilet isn’t the most pleasant of tasks, but it definitely needs to be done! To make this as painless as possible, first off get some liquid toilet bowl cleaner and squirt it around the bowl, be sure to then let it stand for a while for maximum effect.

Next up it’s time to get the brush out, give the bowl a good scrub and then spray disinfectant cleaner all over the toilet, leave to stand for a while and then wipe dry. You can also throw some Alka-Seltzer into the toilet and leave them for 15 minutes before again and flushing.

Glass and Fibreglass Doors and Panels

When cleaning these large surfaces it is important to give them special treatment, clean them with non abrasive cleaner such as all-purpose bathroom cleaner. If you have cloudy glass shower doors, you can use full strength white vinegar.

Cleaning the bathroom can be an unwanted task on the list of chores, but unfortunately it’s one that has to be done. Hopefully with these tips, you can achieve a spotless bathroom. If you need advice on any of our cleaning products, just get in touch. 

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