How to make your bathroom child-friendly

If you're expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet and are keen to ensure that all parts of your house are ready for the new arrival, or if you're moving house, don't forget about the bathroom. 

While it's easy to concentrate on the child's room and obscuring sharp edges in the kitchen and lounge, it's imperative to make sure the bathroom is a friendly and welcoming place for all your little one's needs. 

Also, if you've got friends or family staying with youngsters, these tips can be invaluable to preventing any nasty accidents. 

The floor

With water all around, the bathroom floor can be a very dangerous place - for individuals of any age, not just youngsters. 

Take steps to ensure your children don't slip and have a nasty accident, especially after you've finally managed to get them clean. To be really safe, consider putting down carpet that's resistant to water and stains. If this is not a viable option, why not put down a rug that has a rubber back on it so that it won't slip? 

Check what's in reach

Sometimes you can sort out the obvious things but neglect others that don't come to mind. Even though it might seem a bit silly or degrading, why not get on your knees and take a tour at your child's height to see what they can see? Don't underestimate a child's ability to be resourceful and create harm for themselves inadvertently. 

Make sure everything's fitted securely. If a toilet roll holder has a little bit of give, you can rest assured your child will try to hang off it until it falls off. While the circus-style performing aspect might make for an amusing Instagram at first, it could all end in tears - literally. 

Be meticulous with storage

There are lots of different items in the typical bathroom, many of which can be really dangerous if they get into the hands of the wrong person. From fruity shower gels - that don't taste nice! - to medicine, and razors to mouthwash - the bathroom can be a disaster waiting to happen. 

Make sure you know exactly where everything is - in a place where children can't reach! Consider putting a lock on your bathroom cabinet and put the key in a safe place. 

Your children might have lots of different bath toys to make the experience more enjoyable. Ensure these are kept somewhere that's secure and out of the way - especially if you've got children of differing ages and some of the toys for your older kids have sharp edges that your toddler really shouldn't get their hands on. Also, it's so easy for a bathroom to feel cluttered and messy, so make sure you've got adequate storage facilities for all your various products and gadgets.


Getting children washed and clean can sometimes be a difficult process, so ensure your bathroom is warm enough so children want to go in there.

On the subject of heat, the issue of warm water is one to definitely keep in mind. When your children get old enough to start helping to run their own baths or brushing their teeth, consider installing a device that regulates the temperature and prevents youngsters from getting into a bath that's too hot or scalding their hands on hot water. 

Think how many times you've been burned yourself - and then take into consideration the fact that children's skin can burn deeper and quicker than your own. It's definitely no place to be taking risks. If you don't want to use the traditional elbow trick to determining how hot something is for your youngster, get a thermometer so you can be certain. 

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