Is it time you ditched your tub?

Many of us enjoy a soak in the tub from time to time, but how often do you actually use yours? Is it simply taking up space in your bathroom - space that could be used for an amazing shower?

If you're lucky, you'll have a spacious bathroom and plenty of room for a luxurious tub and a huge walk-in or wet room style shower. But for many of us, space is limited.

So if you want a tub, you'll either have to install a shower over it and fit a screen or curtain, or you'll have to compromise with a small shower enclosure.

But wouldn't it be nice to have the shower of your dreams? After all, you use your shower every day, right? The tub maybe only gets filled once or twice a month.

Ramsin Khachi, an interior design and remodelling consultant in the United States, believes the obsession with having a bath tub is standing in the way of many an impressive shower installation.

"We're programmed to think we have to have a bath tub and a shower," he told America's Morning Live. "Often we don't have room for both, so we end up with a crumby shower and a crumby tub.

"So sometimes it's better to take that bath tub out, put an amazing shower in and enjoy that shower every day," he explained.

There are lots of options once you have space for a larger shower. You can create a wet room area, which can be easy to clean and feel very luxurious, or you can install a walk-in shower with a tray.

Recessed showers are another popular choice if you have an alcove that you can build it into. This is a great way to make maximum use of your space.

If your alcove is big enough, you could even fit two showers inside the enclosure. What better way to solve the who-takes-a-shower-first argument each morning?

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